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Remember that Autism can be found in all ethnic groups, cultures, races and genders.  The numbers have risen because of new research information that allows a better chance of diagnoses.   That, however creates a larger demand on healthcare, education and social service systems.

In 2016, the Ontario Government put together the Ontario Autism Program – to help people have a no fee access to “Service Navigators”.  This allows everyone to gain access to the programs  that research has proven will work in their individual case.  It also allows families understand the services that are available for purchase with their “Childhood Budgets” and in some cases Interim One-Time Funding.

Autism Ontario has lots of info on a wide variety of programs…so please, remember….YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

If you’re in Simcoe County contact:  Simcoe County Autism Ontario at (705) 252-7429 and ask about being referred to a Service Navigator.

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