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Preventative Care for our Pets

The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road (AHOBFR) is rolling out the Red Carpet in Preventative Care for our Pets.

We love our furry friends as part of the family.  Knowing that, we also understand that we are their care providers.

What we sometimes forget is that like us, or our vehicle, or even home – everything and everyone requires preventative maintenance!

This is extremely important for our pets!  Our pets love us so much that they often don’t let us know when they’re not feeling top-notch.

Arranging Regular Visits

By arranging regular visits with the Doc, we’ll stay on top of any issues that might be creeping up.  Everything from dental care to core vaccines will be taken care of.

With that much piece of mind, you’ll really have time to enjoy your “pet kids”.

Dr. Uvi Singh, owner, recognizes the need for preventative visits to the clinic.  Understanding as well, the costs incurred, Dr. Uvi now offers the AHOBFR Loyalty Club.

“By joining the Loyalty Club, you will get additional “Concierge” type services and LOYALTY RATES for a designated monthly membership fee.

This includes a variety of perks including direct and personal access to Dr. Uvi for advice and guidance in times of distress or simply if you care and value a HIGHER level of communication and trust.

The Pillars of the Clinic are TRUST and COMMUNICATION which are ‘powered by animal luv’.

Membership Concierge Services

Attractive Loyalty Rates of 10% & 7% discount rates

Access to personalized after hours Pet Care Consultant acting as your one point of contact to support all of your “Pet Kids” health concerns.

By joining the Loyalty Club, The Animal Hospital provides veterinary services for 1 year with the cost divided into 12 affordable monthly payments.

You can upgrade the plan as necessary as your pet ages.

All Plans Include:

Preventative Care consultations and Core Vaccines

Reduced Loyalty consultation fee with scheduled appointments

Additional discounts on eligible items not included in the plan.

One thing we’ve learned is that The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road doesn’t believe in up-selling!  If you’re a Pet Parent who will benefit, you should call them to discuss the Loyalty Club plans available.

The staff tell us, “We look forward to helping you provide your pet with the best possible care at every stage of life.  Our Loyalty Club helps us make that care affordable and convenient for you.”

With that said, there’s really nothing left to do but make the call!

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Our Pets Suffer in Silence…

As a pet owner, I’m sure you know just how much your pet loves you!  In fact, the love of a pet rivals only that of a human and child!

Feel the Luv'!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that if you’re out of sorts you’ll soon feel a lick or nudge from your pet – just to let you know they’re ready to be there for you!

             We all know and love the “getting home” greeting!  Right at the door, ready to be embraced and wanting to “talk”!

 Pets can give us so much love and emotional support.  The therapeutic effects we  feel are also felt by our pets.  However, their love and want of pleasing us actually      hides how they truly feel and doesn’t allow them to show us pain and disease.

Our Pets DO Suffer in Silence...

      It’s very well known that pets often suffer in silence…

Dr. Uvi Singh of The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road says:

“Their world ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ with us…We owe it to them to make every second of their existence count.”

That’s never truer than when being pro-active with the health of your ‘Pet-kids”.

   Dr. Uvi and his staff have made it their personal mission to prevent animals suffering in silence – especially when it comes to their oral care.

The good Doctor explained that because our ‘pet kids’ don’t display pain in an easily perceptible or conventional manner, it’s up to us as owners to take the preventative measures necessary for them.

           Saying that, Dr Uvi gives us the following advice: 

Tips to prevent dental disease:

  • Schedule your pet for a thorough checkup and dental cleaning yearly
  • Brush your pets teeth every 1 to 3 days
  • Use dental rinses, water additives, wipes or gel
  • Stick to only Veterinary prescription dental chew and diet

A healthy mouth is pain free and less at risk for bone loss, oral infection, and liver/kidney and heart damage.  Dental care is highly individual and specific from pet to pet.  Please call Doc Bowtie to book an oral health assessment for valuable insight on preventing your ‘’pet kid’ from suffering in silence!


The Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road

10% discount on

Dental Anesthesia

Oral Cleaning

Dental X-rays

Intravenous drip

Plus A bag of prescription dental diet at cost price on them!

As Doc Bowtie (Uvi) and his staff tell us “We are here to take care of human beings and their pets in a way, if given the choice, YOUR pet would choose US to care for them.”

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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Powered by Luv! Introducing Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road

Do you have a ‘Pet Kid’?  In many ways I believe our pets have given us more comfort in the past year than they have since the advent of fire. Pets satisfy a need in the lives of so many people!

We’ve ‘Uncovered’ the ultimate professional caregivers for our furry friends.      

Just open in Barrie is Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road.  Yes, this sanctuary is a brick and mortar building – but the feeling is so much more!

It’s such a feeling of welcome, calmness and serenity that our pets walk in feeling loved and safe; even when they’re not well.

'Dr. Bowtie'

Dr. Bowtie, a.k.a. Dr. Uvi Singh, resonates with passion for our pets.  He comes with a blue ribbon pedigree himself; having served as a doctor to our furry family members on 3 continents.

His vision as a Vet (I almost don’t want to call him that), is more than I, as a human, can understand.  I feel at peace when I have a moment to discuss pet care with him. (That’s when he’s not busy communicating with the loved ones in his care).  To discuss the health and well-being of your own ‘pet kids’ this month is a great time to discuss dental needs.


Pets come first.  As a responsible family member, you realize that immediately.

Preventing animals suffering in silence, especially when it comes to their mouth is one of their personal missions…does your pet speak English?  Book in for a dental assessment and consultation so they can help guide you and advise you on the best preventative treatment options….February IS Dental Awareness Month!

Dental Awareness Month – Promotion

10% discount on dental anesthesia…oral cleaning…dental x-rays and intravenous drip, plus a bag of prescription Dental Diet at Cost price on us!!

Dr. Uvi’s vision is “futuristic come to life”!  The most up to date medical equipment partnered with a level of passion rarely seen in the industry.

Dr. Uvi and his staff have chosen a new direction in pet care.  They have made a commitment to us as ‘pet parents” to be emotional beings to serve the ‘human-animal bond’, with trust, empathy and compassion.

Even the mission statement makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to build and maintain trust with you so together we can create the most comfortable life for your pet kid. Their world ‘begins’ and ‘ends’ with us…We owe it to them to make every second of their existence count!      

This delicate bond makes Dr. Uvi and his staff a vital link between us and our pets.  On one hand their realistic view of our pets assures a life of quality and longevity.  On the other hand, the advanced technology at the hospital provides the same levels of medical care for our pets  that we as humans have come to expect!

Everyone is so in sync with the relationships between pet and parent that it’s an established ‘bond-centric’ practice.  You immediately feel that it’s not a job, but a passion of inherent happiness to their life mission.  Even Miso, the furry four-legged puppy, must give his seal of approval everything!  

I am assured that even when making difficult decisions regarding the health care of your pets, the staff will guide you through the process with heartfelt understanding and realism.

I must tell you that I feel such an immediate level of connectedness with all that is…Animal Hospital on Bell Farm Road.

I believe you will too…

Written by:  Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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