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How To Tour Barrie As A Tourist (Even When You’re Not)

Laundry Quandry: How To Keep Safe at The Laundromat

You can only live in that tattered (but still awesome) old Tragically Hip shirt and torn jeans combo for so long. Eventually, you’re going to have to do your laundry.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an ensuite washer/dryer in their condo or house. Many of us use shared facilities, either in their building or at public laundromats. And that’s a blood pressure spiking scenario for many in the age of Corona.

So how best to keep the clothes Covid free?

There isn’t any research yet as to how the virus can live on fabric and clothing.

And while laundromats have been deemed essential services in Ontario, there hasn’t been much from authorities in the way of protocols for ‘mats.

Coinamatic, one of the largest operator of laundry machines in apartment buildings and condos throughout Canada, has a printable poster outlining safe laundry practices.

In Toronto, the Public Health’s Infection Prevention and Control fact sheet suggests providing hand sanitizer in laundry rooms.

Here in Barrie, the city’s website hasn’t provided any specifics on shared laundry facilities. Since coins are also a potential transmitter, some residences and hotels in Canada have removed the fee from coin-operated machines. If you live in a place with coin-operated machines, it’s worth asking your property manager if they could do the same.

As for laundromats, stick to the basics. Using gloves, keeping distance, washing in hot water instead of cold. And use lined baskets to transport the clothes.



Be sure to check each laundromat’s website to ensure they are still open, or if their hours have been modified.






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