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Are you someone looking for an alternative to prescription or over the counter pain relief?  Meet Tina Arnold Eternal, Image Consultant and Nutritional Coach.

Tina is located at Jeevanaya Wellness Centre, 40 Bell Farm Road, Unit 14.  Tina is so happy to have been able to bring her vision of many years to fruition.  The recent changes governing marijuana have certainly made it easier for her.  We are being taught by Tina just what the benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD oil has to add to our healthcare regime.  Hemp seed oil is legal over the counter; does not contain CBD yet there are still many other cannabinol compounds that provide many of the same benefits as CBD.  CBD oil is distinctly different and requires a Medicinal License and prescription to purchase.

It’s Tina’s mission to empower us with knowledge and understanding on just how her Image of Eternity skin products can assist in a pain free lifestyle and longevity.  The Health Canada approved specialty products combine Hempseed oil with Manuka honey, olive oil and medicinal herbs to be applied topically for relief.  

The relief is not only for pain management, but also for everyday skincare – reversing the aging process.  Tina takes this one step further by using her products during massage therapies for her clients.  Because the elixir is so rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, being massaged thoroughly into the skin, (our bodies largest organ), will allow it to assist with the oxygenation of blood, reducing inflammation, repairing and regenerating skin cells.

Tina offers a variety of massages, everything form facial to full body.  Even a partial body massage can benefit people struggling with neuropathy, mobility issues or skin conditions.  For a first guest, the regularly prices $90.00 full body massage comes with a $20.00 discount!

Starting on November 2nd, Tina is offering a
"Women's Pre-Christmas Relaxation Massage Special"
Full Body massage
Only $55.00
Special ends on December 2nd
Book Your Appointment Now!(705) 905-2148

It’s very important for Tina to understand what needs you may have as a client.  After a free personal assessment consultation, Tina will provide you with the tools and knowledge to help yourself.  She understands that people, women especially, are searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical options.  Better self  care is becoming very important to them.  There tends to be a lot of misinformation on the subject of CBD products and even though consumers are much more educated now, it can still be very confusing.  Tina is a great person to guide you.

In fact, one of Tina’s goals has been put on delay because of the Pandemic.  She is waiting rather impatiently to begin holding her 3 Day/2 Night retreats where she will host guest speakers, cooking sessions and product knowledge.  Of course this comes with great entertainment and community building fun!  Knowing how important affordability is, Tina diligently keeps her costs low.  Even her retreats will be priced under $500.00

So…if you’ve got questions or are looking for information and products, call Tina at Eternal Image Consulting.  (705) 905-2148…and don’t forget…Book your massage soon!

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