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    Where in Barrie?

    Where in Barrie can musicians come to jam, friends come to gather and everyone feels like family?  That would be Malones Pint House on Bradford Street.

    It Really is Special

    Where in Barrie?

    What makes Malones so special?  Why do people race to fill the seats, book whole tables and invite their friends to join them?  The short answer is the ‘feel like family’ atmosphere when you walk in the door.

    The Long Answer

    Where in Barrie?

    The long answer though is Sarah Lynne Maloney.  Sarah Lynne has owned Malones for 17 years now.  In 2004, at age 32, Sarah Lynne opened the doors to continue in her family footsteps.

    Before Sarah Lynne was even born, Mom and Dad, John and Marion owned a bar in Mitchell.  Sarah Lynne was born in Stratford and jokingly tells everyone that “she’s the 2nd most famous person to come from there.”  “A very close second to Justin Bieber.”

    Sarah’s mom and dad moved to Barrie and took over ownership of the American Hotel on Collier Street which was razed in 1980 to make way for the City Hall expansion.

    Pouring Pints is in Her Blood

    Where in Barrie?

    Her parents, well ahead of the time, then opened Dr. J’s on Big Bay Point Road in 1988, as one of the largest dance clubs in the city.  Being in high school then, it was very cool for Sarah Lynne to be able to invite all her friends to the most happening place in town.  Certainly the family has ‘pouring pints’ in their blood.

    As one of the youngest bar owners at the time of opening Malones Pint House – Sarah Lynne knew what it takes to be successful.  Keeping the family traditions, her Mom Marion was ‘the big cheese’ in the kitchen and daughter Kaleigh, being only 2 years old, was the same lovable bar child her mother had been.

    Our Extended Family

    Where in Barrie?

    “It doesn’t matter how big Barrie gets, Barrie will always be small at heart” says Sarah Lynne.  “We have found many new customers and clients that have moved into town into the surrounding condos – they’ve become our extended family now.”

    Malone’s is simply Sarah Lynne’s home and that’s what makes it so special.

    One of Sarah's Funniest Memories

    Where in Barrie?

    One of Sarah Lynne’s funniest memories stems back to when she was first open.  In the beginning there was a small menu, a ‘ginormous’ kitchen and no main floor washroom.  A group of older patrons would come in everyday around 11 am, soon to be known as the breakfast club.  Seeing the difficulty they had getting to the washroom, Sarah Lynne made the decision to put in a main floor washroom, cutting the kitchen size in half.  The funny thing is, now the menu is ‘ginormous’ and the kitchen is tiny!  However, the Breakfast Club doesn’t have to go outside to pee now…

    With their own ‘Pint House Band’, Sarah Lynne has welcomed hundreds of musicians to jam every weekend until COVID.

    Dealing with Changes

    Where in Barrie?

    Having dealt with the sudden closings and openings of the past 16 months, Sarah Lynne recalls the heartbreak of last St. Patrick’s Day.  Having stayed up all night preparing the delicious homemade food for the menu on the biggest bar day of the year – she learned the morning of the 17th that they couldn’t open – and couldn’t even give the food away.  ‘Coming back after the tears of the morning was very hard’ says Sarah Lynne.

    Back in Action

    Where in Barrie?

    Now with one of the largest patios in town, she hopes for the rest of summer to be sunshine and clear nights.  We do to!  Everyone has missed the great talent in the area, the camaraderie and home like feeling of Sarah Lynne’s Malones Pint House.

    It really does feel like a wee bit of Ireland right here in Barrie.

    Where in Barrie?

    Written by: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott, Veronika Kovecses

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