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What’s on the menu at Skewers, the South Korean BBQ Destination in Downtown Barrie

A trip to South Korea isn’t possible right now, but you can experience the next best thing in the heart of downtown Barrie.

Skewers offer authentic, barbecued meals on a stick inspired by South Korean cuisine. The kitchen churns out live fire items designed to excite and intrigue foodies and those in search of some much needed zip for their lunch or dinner.

The Bulgosi sandwich, dripping in saucy sweetness

Relatively new to the downtown core, co-owners Luke and Miles have brought a unique blend of barbecued tastes to the restaurant scene in Barrie. 


Inspired by the street food industry in South Korea, and by the recipes and techniques crafted in the kitchens of Mile’s grandparents, the menu is a mixture of tasty sauces and fresh food that stands out with enticing aromas and potency. It’s also one of the only places in the region where you can get all kinds of food on a stick! 

In particular, they’ve got a delicious spread of rice, salad, a drink and a choice of any skewer for just $8 bucks, making for an addictive and affordable meal.

Skewers is on Clapperton, with plenty of street parking. Cool and inviting, the cozy spot has a late night vibe with lots of light and bright walls. It’s prime location downtown makes it ideal to pick up your meal and go for a stroll to the lakefront or along Dunlop. 

 Hit up Skewers website for more on their sumptuous selections. And be sure to hit up their Insta for more mouth watering pics. Tag them (and us) when you sample one of their amazing meals! 

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