Do you wish it was easier to travel right now?  I sure do!  Everyone seems a bit edgy!  This time of year many Canadians are usually thinking of getting away; this year we’re really not able to.

    Two Can Dine @ Dosti Eats – Great Specials!


    To bring a memory of your past travels home, try the Two Can Dine Menu at Dosti Eats.

    Dosti Eats is one of Barrie’s best restaurants for ethnic food!

    This month alone, they have specials from 6 countries!  Tastes from India, Pan Asia, Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean and North America!

    Two Can Dine @ Dosti Eats - Great Specials

    Dosti Meal Deals for 2

    Each Menu Choice $39.99


    3pk Samosas

    Butter Chicken w/rice and Garlic Naan & Masala Fish w/cumin rice

    2 Mango Lassi

    Pan Asia

    Spring Rolls

    Banh Mi & Chicken Stir Fry

    Brownie & Carrot Cake


    Mexican Poutine

    Chicken Burrito & 2 Fish Taco

    4 Churro Donuts



    Italian Meatball Melt & Greek Chicken in a Pita

    Sticky Toffee Pudding & Carrot Cake


    Jerk Chicken Poutine

    Jerk Chicken w/cumin rice & Caribbean Fish Wrap

    2 Churro Sundaes

    North America

    Quebec Poutine

    Hawaiian Sandwich & Pulled Pork on a Bun

    Dosti Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Butter Cookies

    What to Choose from the Two Can Dine menu?

    I’m really considering Europe!  Some of my favorite dishes are there for sure; but Mexico looks great too!

    Even better, ask the kids!  Maybe they’d like to try something new. It’s a great time to really check out different cuisines.  The price is right – and options are great!

    Diversity AND Catering!

    Shalu Persaud, owner of Dosti Eats loves offering such a diverse menu!

    Everything possible is made in house; in fact sauces and preserves are available for purchase separately!

    The coolest thing is that Dosti Eats caters with those same great choices as well…

    Imagine the variety you could have the next time the gang’s over?

    Fun and healthy menu choices!  That’s what the best restaurants are all about; and Dosti Eats is one of Barrie’s best restaurants!!

    Check out Everything Here!

    I suggest that you check out the website – there are so many ways to order from Dosti Eats.

    If you are having a group in, they can either cater from start to finish, or you can pre-order family sized trays of your favorites.

    Check out the takeout and delivery options as well.  Shalu has even set up a basic grocery service for those that dislike the big box stores!

    Its well worth a call to Dosti Eats for dinner……..

    Two Can Dine @ Dosti Eats – Great Specials!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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