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    time to be social

    Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, almost everything we talk about revolves around work.  You probably experience the same at your workplace.  That few minutes in the coffee room or at the water cooler don’t really allow you to know your co-workers.  It’s time to be social.

    Just Why It's Time to be Social

    time to be social

    After hours get togethers – even with our new protocols is the time to put work behind us, unwind and relax.  By having a space where we can be our most honest selves helps to create far better teamwork during working hours.  It’s a funny thing, when you like the people you collaborate with, you’re far more likely to help each other out and reach bigger goals together.

    Doing this outside of work allows everyone to know each other as more than just colleagues.  You get a strong feeling of everyone’s passions and skills as well as their life outside work.

    Sharing Space Outside Work

    time to be social

    Sharing space over great cocktails and appetizers allows a downtime like no other.  After a long day at work, we all need to blow off steam.  Wouldn’t it be great to know just the place?  Somewhere of the beaten track, a cool upscale neighbourhood bar/eatery where you go when you don’t want the manic crowds or 25 year olds chugging away?   A place with a great vibe, delectable food menu and shareable apps; that the atmosphere is relaxed, the cocktails fantastic and the staff are friendly and welcoming.  Or, maybe the scenario is that you have a new client in town that you’ve never met before and you need to impress them.

    One of our Newest Spots

    time to be social

    One of the newest spots in the neighbourhood, just up from Dunlop is B’Side Bar at 55 Collier Street.  B’Side has a very classic, without pretentious feel, a sophisticated menu and a cocktail hour every Monday to Friday from 3-6pm.

    time to be social

    B’Side Bar, part of the B’Spoke family offers a sophisticated dining experience in our city.  The chef has created an assortment or shareables like no other.  Try the antipasto; it’s just an incredible array of tantalizing taste.  The beautiful hand mixed cocktails, or a choice from the superb wine list will allow everyone to sit back and unwind.

    Feel the Ambiance

    time to be social

    If you are relaxing inside, take note of the European flair in everything from the ambiance to the glassware.  The feeling is ultra relaxed and comfy with staff well trained to appear when needed but not hovering.  A patio that is well designed to protect you from the off-shore breezes, becoming a wonderful space to watch the setting sun.  What more could you ask for?

    'Ghost Kitchens' are Here

    time to be social

    B’Spoke Kitchen and Market menus should be checked out as well, if dinner is in the plans.  With their numerous ‘Ghost Kitchen’ menus they bring several restaurant brands together in one place.  Choices to dine in or take home can be decided from Pirogi+, B’Spoke Bowls or Bangers Gourmet Franks with more to come.

    Be Sure to Visit

    time to be social
    time to be social
    time to be social

    So visit this sophisticated dining spot in our downtown core.  Whether it’s to enjoy a drink or a meal, both the Chef and Mixologist have styled menus perfect for lounging in the city.

    To read more about this downtown gem – follow this link.

    time to be social

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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