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‘The Little Shop that Grew’

‘The Little Shop that Grew’
Chavo Crepes is certainly ‘The Little Shop that Grew’. It all began with humble beginnings at the Barrie...
‘The Little Shop that Grew’

Chavo Crepes is undoubtedly ‘The Little Shop that Grew.’  It all began with humble beginnings at the Barrie Farmers’ Market, where they not only started but built close relationships with our local produce farmers. Indeed, there are sinfully fresh flavours in every bite.

Their Name Almost doesn't do Justice

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

Their name, however, doesn’t give you the whole story of their renowned menu.  Not only do they serve the most delicious crepes, both savoury and sweet, but they have incredibly ooey-gooey pizza and pasta choices.  There are a few very distinct salads to choose from as well.

The Possibilities Seem Endless

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

When you are talking crepes, the possibilities seem endless.  Just imagine sitting down to a Smoked Salmon Crepe with a dill cream sauce, folded with capers and red onion, topped with more delicious dill cream cheese and served with a side spring mix salad with basil dressing.  Are you hungry yet?

Maybe though, it’s a sweet crepe that you’d like to share over a cup of coffee with a favourite friend.  Even that is a hard decision. With seven sweet crepes and eight coffee choices – where could you possibly go wrong?

And...The Comfort Food

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

However, the pizza and pasta dishes are outstanding.  Goodness oozes out of them as you take a bite.  These are the comfort foods most thought of, especially during this weather.

Add to that a rich and creamy Kawartha milkshake, and your taste buds become satiated with love.

Even Further Choices

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

It doesn’t even stop there, though; choose even further with an exceptional tea/tisane menu, smoothies or cold drinks to finish off your meal.

You'll Not Only be Back...

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

Once you’ve ordered from Chavo Crepes, you’ll not only be back, but you’ll become a friend. 

Make sure to introduce yourself to the new owners, Tomas and Daehan.  They’ll be more than happy to walk you through their menu offerings.

A Unique Partnership with 'The Little Shop that Grew'

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

Even more delightful is the partnership that ‘The Little Shop that Grew’ has created with Last Level Lounge next door.  You’re able to enjoy a great meal while having a blast in the Retro Arcade. 

What more could you ask for? You can choose the ultimate comfort food, or opt for a truly health conscious alternative, presented in recipes that are seldom found in Canada.

‘The Little Shop that Grew’

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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