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    Walking into the Lazy Tulip Cafe is like coming home.  It’s bright and eclectic with a menu to match.  It’s not just the customers that are glad to be back!

    Michelle Higgins, owner of the Lazy Tulip Cafe was tellig me how she felt when everything first shut down.  For the  first month of the shutdown Michelle worked her Cafe on her own for takeout orders.  Without her staff and customers she felt so depressed!  The energy wasn’t the same.  

    Michelle has her COVID procedures so well embedded that she now receives compliments from her customers.  She wants everyone to know that they take every precaution to ensure safety both with their food as well as restaurant areas.

    Enjoying a meal at Lazy Tulip in downtown Barrie is wonderful – no matter what your dietary needs are.  Michelle offers a wide variety of Vegan and Gluten Free choices as well as upbeat versions of traditional menu choices.

    In Michelle’s words, “Everyone has to have a great experience!”  “They need to receive the quality for the money they’ve spent.”

    The Lazy Tulip

    Some things have changed at the Lazy Tulip Cafe because of the Pandemic though.  The menu has been streamlined and they encourage their customers to go on line to book a table at https://lazytulipcafe.com/reservations-indoor/.  Once you’ve done that you’ll receive an email with their COVID protocol and seating procedures.

    One thing that Michelle is quick to mention is that Sunday Brunch fills very quickly!  The Lazy Tulip is also serving breakfast all day every day now.  Great news for those of us that love our “Eggs Benny”!!

    Michelle loves her customers!  She tells me that they are so mindful about supporting their community, what they eat and where it comes from.  She takes their comments to heart, making everything possible from scratch in house.  That includes their breads, baked goods and sauces, just to name a few.  Meats and produce are locally sourced and those great breakfasts are made with free-range eggs!  The customers love the Lazy Tulip Cafe right back, having voted her restaurant “Best Brunch” in the Readers Choice Awards!!

    The Lazy Tulip

    The Lazy Tulip is now offering delivery through the usual on-line sites.  Michelle started the process during the shut-down and has continued with it as she realizes that some customers still feel nervous going out to dine.

    Everything that’s done at the Lazy Tulip Cafe is to ensure that the customers still feel “The Vibe” as well as “The Love” that go into every meal.  When I asked Michelle just what the Lazy Tulip Cafe means to her she replied, “Eating Mindfully in Downtown Barrie.”

    If you haven’t been in before, visit www.lazytulipcafe.com to book your table, check out the menu or order your catering needs now, then head downtown to 29 Maple Ave. in Barrie….and enjoy!!

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