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The Foodie Gift Guide

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The Foodie Gift Guide

Foodies are a deliciously unique bunch. And when it comes to Christmas, acquiring the right present for your beloved feaster can be tricky. 

After all, the food lover on your list almost certainly has Gordon Ramsay’s YT channel live-streamed to their phone, a four-tier spice rack in the kitchen, and an entire cupboard shelf dedicated to hot sauce. They aren’t likely to be impressed with a gift card to Smoke’s.

Scoring them an impossible-to-get reservation at an impossibly good restaurant in a glamorous city (and footing the bill for the delectable tasting menu) would be the Holy Grail for many gastronomists.   

But most of us would like to stay in the realm of achievable, not impossible. The next best thing is a night out at a proven eatery, with a multifarious menu to sample. As a matter of fact, the Queens newest offerings are just the ticket! Scroll on for a look at their new dishes. And then hit up their website for more on the full menu, and to book for New Year’s Eve.

3 More Foodie Gift Ideas

Besides a night of nosh at the Queen’s, you can make your Foodie’s Christmas complete with a few thoughtful touches. Have a look at this trio of trinkets for inspiration.

Indoor Smart Garden

Every cook should be using fresh herbs, even in the dead of winter. Moreover, with a self-watering, self-lighting system set up in their kitchen, they can cultivate and create with the freshest ingredients.

12 Vial Sea Salt Set

Sweet or savory, no dish is complete without a pinch of salt. A gourmet variety of infused sea salts, from Black Garlic to Pinot Noir, will enchant any foodie.

Eco Kitchen Box

Being a fully sustained home chef is an admirable goal these days. And there are plenty of ways to be less wasteful and more environmentally conscious in the kitchen, including a chic box of items to cover the eco-base.

What are you getting the Foodie on your Xmas list? Let us know in the comments!

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