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The Food that Warms You Up

The food that warms you up
Thinking that we’re all experiencing cabin fever and dislike for the cold, we’ve tried to imagine ordering in the...

Being in yet another Shutdown and thinking that we’re all experiencing a bit of cabin fever and dislike the cold, we’ve tried to imagine ordering in the food that warms you up.

Winter Blahs...

The food that warms you up

Days are becoming longer, and the feeling of those winter blahs makes it hard to decide what to cook day in and day out.

Thoughts of those New Year resolutions also change the way we eat, and for the love of Indian food, you should check out the Tandoori Kingdom.

For the Love of Indian - Tandoori Kingdom!

The food that warms you up

This is the perfect time to check out Tandoori Kingdom, the best place for Indian food in Barrie.  Tandoori Kingdom doesn’t use shortcuts or sub-par ingredients.  Their spices are exquisitely fresh, and their clay oven is hot.

When it’s this cold outside, there are many choices of ‘heat’ to warm you from the inside out thoroughly.

Nirmal and his staff have been busy introducing different dishes to their menu.  Some are favourites returned, others – new and exciting.  We’ve chosen our favourites here.

Check out the New Year Options!

The food that warms you up

We think that Indian cuisine is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. There is a wide variety of veggies, cheese and lentil-based dishes on the menu at Tandoori Kingdom.

Curries, as well, are a trendy choice; easily ordered with the ‘heat’ you most enjoy.

The Bhindi Masala is one of our most enjoyable! Made with okra, onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs, I love it served with a side of rice –Yummy!

Paneer Bhurji is a very healthy menu option. Paneer (Indian cheese) is delightfully combined with tomatoes, onions, capsicum and peas, served with rice and Naan. It’s so filling yet doesn’t make you want to curl up and take a nap like turkey dinner does!

And of course...

The food that warms you up

Of course, there is an assortment of wraps at Tandoori Kingdom as well.  Exquisite!  They are incredible in size, choices and flavour.  We know some people that can’t wait to order them.

For the Love of Indian – Tandoori Kingdom warms you up from the inside out with their compelling yet healthy menu choices.

The food that warms you up

Take the drive out Blake Street; it’s time to order – I think!

It’s even easier than that if you like – order through Uber Eats, Door Dash or Skip the Dishes, and keep warm while you wait.

For some great reading about indian food, click here.

The food that warms you up

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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