Today is ‘Leap Day’, that sneaky February 29 that emerges every fourth year to compensate for the fact that our trajectory around the sun actually takes 365.25 days; instead of a clean 365.

(For history buffs, Leap Year has been around for about 2,000 years – ever since Roman Emperor Julius Caesar introduced the 12-month Julian Calendar. Named after himself, naturally)

It’s not an official holiday but it’s still a special day. And it’s a perfect excuse to push yourself out of your culinary comfort zone and do some food adventuring!

There are no traditional Leap day foods, so we’ve collected a few menu suggestions from the scrumptious restaurant scene in Barrie. And if you’ve got any ideas, hit us up in the comments!

Eat it up!

The Barrie Leap Day Food Guide


The Crazy Fox Bistro: Arctic Char

Since it’s a colder month, an Arctic vibe is a great place to start. This entree from Crazy Bistro fits the bill for nourishment and deliciousness.


147: Burrata Cheese & Fresh Figs

Can you EVER get enough cheese? The answer is a hard no. Making this offering from 147 all the more enticing.


Valiant’s Eatery: Loaded Pull Porc Fries

Speaking of foods you can’t get enough of, let’s put fries in that list. And when they are drizzled in jackfruits, gravy and seasonings…well, let’s just say you won’t need a belt anytime soon.


Caesars – Cicco’s

 Of course, sometimes the traditional offerings are all you need, even on a Leap Day. If Caesar’s are your comfort go-to, than Cicco’s famous take on the classic drink is your destination.


Brûléed Blood Orange Cheesecake – Chillz Lounge

You simply can’t do the meal without dessert. It’s the law. Okay, maybe it’s not the law. BUT IT SHOULD BE.

You’ll find a menu full of sweet tasting afters at Chillz Lounge downtown (right next to Swirleez)



What did you think of the Barrie Leap Day Food Guide? We always want to see pictures from your foodie adventures! Use the #barrieuncovered hashag when you are out for a nosh and show us what you’re eating tonight! 

And if you’re looking for a craft beer choice to go along with your meal? Check out our TGIF blog for some ideas!