The lazy days of summer will soon be upon us, commanding us to seek out patios and barbecues.

Of course, it’s a little tricky in isolation…but we can make do on our home terraces.

We’ll spend the next few weeks previewing some of the tastiest summer beverages from Barrie’s best brewers.

TGIF: Summer Preview (Part 4)


12 Minutes To Destiny – Flying Monkey’s


You could do worse than 12 Minutes to Destiny, an imaginative pale with as much character as it’s creative cover.

The initial pour retains a finger and a half of frothy lace, giving way to a pale red body and ample carbonation. The first sensations on the nose are aromas of raspberry and florals, backed by malts.

The first taste reinforces the fruit infusion, with balanced traces of oat through the entire sitting. The aftermath leaves a tinge of flower and dryness, encompassing the drink’s light refreshment.

Overall, this is an enjoyable fruit lager, with complexity but not overpowering sweetness. An ideal summer find.

It pairs well with seafood, especially sushi and East Asian cuisines;  or with fruit deserts such as strawberry shortcake. And 4.10% ABV, you can stick with it for the majority of your sitting.

Read more about 12 Minutes To Destiny right here 

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