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TGIF: Make An (Oat) Meal Of It

An inviting pour of brown lager with a three finger head, it’s a refreshing...

TGIF: Make An (Oat) Meal Of It 

Let’s be honest…there are worse ways to kickstart the weekend than with a cold beverage.

And yet, it’s easy to fall into a routine of buying the same couple of beers or spirits at your favorite watering hole or the LCBO. Of course, there’s always going to be your standard go-to’s. But mixing it up (get it…mixing???) makes for a fun outing.

With that in mind, we’re taking a shot (bet you thought we would stop with the drinking puns after that first one) at finding you a weekly selection of spirits to liven up your Friday.

This week why don’t your try…


Barnstormer’s  – Donegal Oatmeal Stout


This beer pours an initial opaque dark brown. As with most stouts, there is almost no head, just a tan fringe around the edge of the glass. The same goes for the lacing. Carbonation is mild to low, with very few of the trace bubbles rising.

The first aroma wafts of sweet smells, with a touch of malt. Swirling the glass will kick up some barnyard, and a little more malt.

As your session continues, expect a main flavor of dark roasted malt, giving way to a rounded, full bodied oat and hops. This has a darker roast flavor profile than Guinness stout. That gives way to a bit of bitters in the mid and aftertaste.

Relatively mild carbonation leads to very little foaming and the heavy body remains through the drink.

Best paired with similarly dark foods, like beef or venison stews. Steak pies or anything barbecue style would fit in nicely as well.

Find more about Dongeal Oatmeal on Barnstormer’s website!

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