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Decisions! Decisions! The menu offers so many choices. Sitting in the Tandoori Kingdom with my dearest friend we were so looking forward to enjoying truly authentic Indian food once again. Lucky for us we were guided through the menu by one of the Owners, Nirmal Singh. Having Nirmal there was such a nice experience. We were able to discuss their catering abilities and takeout choices as well. Barrie, let me strongly suggest that you make the trip to 428 Blake Street.

The food is authentic and the service impeccable. We were treated to a sizzling grill platter of various meats and fish over a bed of sautéed onions made to accommodate an allergy I am encumbered with. Oh my! That was just the starter. We went on to enjoy such a wonderful variety of dishes and Naan breads. Simply scrumptious!

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, I strongly suggest having the Tandoori Kingdom on your speed dial. The chance to treat your circle of friends to such fresh and authentic ethnic cuisine is fabulous. They’ll be so surprised at the flavours of each menu choice.  Phone 705 503 1400

As I sat enjoying my meal, I was reminded by my friend that the Tandoori Kingdom had catered the Grand Opening of a friend’s business. In thinking back to that, I realized I’d been so busy that day that I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy any of the choices. Totally my loss – or I’d have visited their Blake Street location much sooner. Now I realize that I CAN enjoy the same high standard both at the restaurant as well as in the comfort of my own home.

As we finally couldn’t possibly eat another bite, it was a delight to realize we would still have enough to take home and enjoy another light meal. Sitting there savouring a last cup of delicious Masala Chai which is a wonderful blend of crushed spices simmered with milk and tea, we discussed the favourite spices used in Indian Cuisine. Nirmal was so informative! He explained that their chefs took care to make the dishes with spice levels attractive to every palate.

Whether you’re already a lover of ethnic Indian cuisine or you’re just embarking on a journey of tantalizing flavors – start with the best at

Tandoori Kingdom

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