It's so Hot it's Cool!

Those who are Indian food lovers may already be familiar with the flavour and flair of tandoori cooking – It’s so Hot it’s Cool! But even the biggest Indian foodie might still wonder, “What the heck is a tandoori oven?”
Luckily we have been given a lesson in tandoori cooking and have a video to share.

The Style of Tandoori

It's so Hot it's Cool!

Tandoori is an entire style of cooking. Typically, tandoori cooking involves marinating meat and cooking it over an intense fire inside a tandoor oven. The marinade, together with this superheated oven, defines the style – setting it apart from other cooking styles worldwide.

The tandoor oven has a rich history of over 5,000 years, most commonly found in the northern region of India and Pakistan. Essentially they are cylindrical, vertical clay pots designed to handle extreme heat. Rather than putting food onto shelves for cooking, meats and veggies must be threaded onto skewers and lowered into the oven from the opening in the top.

Because of the unique design, juices drip down onto the flames, allowing the tandoor to act as a smoker for added flavour.

It's so Hot it's Cool!

It's so Hot it's Cool!

One of the neatest benefits of cooking with tandoor is that once they heat up to the desired temperature, they maintain that heat for hours without additional fuel. Due to the superheat, even beef can be cooked to perfection in under 20 min. Some tandoors can exceed 900 degrees F! This is a considerable advantage as it allows quicker prep time.

Incredibly Juicy, Delectable Meals @Tandoori Kingdom

It's so Hot it's Cool!

Despite the high heat, tandoori cooking produces incredibly juicy, delectable meals. By superheating meats and vegetables, the chefs can quickly lock in the juices and flavours. They tell us not to be fooled by the charred surface of the meal; inside those meats and veggies is a juicy bite of deliciousness waiting to be eaten.

Now that you’ve watched – it might be just the time to try. Tandoori Kingdom on Blake Street is the premier place to enjoy tandoori cuisine. Pick a day, order in and enjoy your meal at home, or eat out and take a chair on their delightful patio. The choice is yours.

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The food that warms you up

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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