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Takeout Food Safety Primer

Takeout And Delivery Safety Primer


Ordering takeout or delivery during Covid is a great way to support your local restaurants.

But it’s natural to wonder just how safe food that hasn’t been prepared in your own kitchen might be – particularly when it’s brought to your table by a third party.

The good news is, there are no reported cases of COVID-19 being spread through food, and the chance of transmission through food is very low.

While that’s reassuring, it doesn’t assuage all our anxieties about dinner delivery.

Here’s the best, most recent information from public officials and websites.


Takeout And Delivery Safety Primer


Can You Get COVID from food?

According to the WHO and Health Canada, the answer is no. Properly cooked food is very likely safe to eat. When a meal goes from the kitchen into a plastic or cardboard takeout container, the odds of transmission get even slimmer.


Best Practices When Handling Takeout & Delivery

When it comes to the actual delivery, the one most at risk is the delivery person. (So be sure to tip well!)

Remember that COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets; if someone sneezes, coughs or breathes while handling the food. The chance of it spreading via packaging is actually quite low.

You can take the normal precautions to be even safer; use contactless payment, either through electronic prepayment or just leaving cash in an envelope on the porch, and keep social distance from the delivery guy or gal.

Need more safety? Be extra sanitary by throwing away the bag after you’ve take the food container out. Wash your hands (after opening the box) and dish the food onto a plate. Then toss the box. Be sure to wash down any items like fruit or veg that are uncooked.


The Patio Parking Project

Another way that restaurants can continue to safely serve is through a newly proposed plan to convert parking spaces in outdoor patios. 

Eateries in malls, plazas and downtown around Barrie could offer tables in place of parking spaces, which would allow patrons to visit the restaurant while keeping social distance.

It would also permit restaurants that don’t have a patio to offer to use food trucks.

Have anything to add to our Takeout And Delivery Safety Primer? Let us know in the comments!

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