made with love

    Is there anything more satisfying when you eat a meal made with love?  Then has there ever been a time when that food has been celebrated with song?

    All Done Italian Style - Made with Love

    made with love

    In an Italian household, often both things happen.  Friday or early Saturday morning is market day.  Then first thing Saturday morning everyone gathers in the kitchen to ready Sunday lunch which is the big family meal of the week.

    It’s not felt to be a chore – ever.  Family time means food and food means love.  If you’ve ever had the opportunity to enjoy an Italian family meal….you totally understand.

    Celebrate the Food

    made with love

    Francesco and Amanda, the owners of [email protected] Barrie, feel exactly the same.  Francesco feels that good food (well even life) needs to be celebrated.

    Working from a ghost kitchen, Francesco has taken a generational family favourite recipe and offers it now to the entire city.

    If you’ve ever made traditional Italian lasagna from scratch you know that he must love the process.  It takes time, it takes care and it takes love.  And all of that shows at meal time.  Eating lasagna made with love is like life melting away the moment it enters your mouth.  Nothing overwhelms, everything is ‘ooey-gooey’, rich and delicious.  A meal made in heaven to eat on earth.

    Then there's the Song...

    made with love

    What makes [email protected] Barrie even more unique is the ‘voice’ behind the delivery.  That is a story in itself.

    Before COVID, Francesco worked as a chef at a private school.  When the school closed under the restrictions, he decided to deliver for Uber Eats.  It was still food, and making people happy….you’d think.  But actually delivering food to the door, knocking and leaving made Francesco sad.  He would have liked to say, “enjoy your evening” or “have a great meal”, but it wasn’t to be done.

    That was when he and Amanda decided to create and deliver their traditional meals in the most wonderful fashion.

    Francesco, a very notable tenor, has been singing to crowds from a young age in Italy.  Using his incredible talent and love of music he delivers your meal with the fantastic rich notes of his voice.  When was the last time you were serenaded?

    Homelife is Made with Love as well

    made with love

    Everything this family does is made with love.  Knowing that running a business like this from home would be too unsettling for their young children, they connected with a ‘ghost kitchen’.  This allows Francesco to prepare all the entrees in a professional kitchen until the clientele is strong enough to support a brick and mortar business.

    And the Menu...

    made with love

    They have certainly made everything work well for them.  Now that Barrie has tasted the lasagna, people are asking for other options.  This dynamic couple has added to the menu to allow for both dietary likes as well as restrictions.  You can order Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Halal choices now.

    They have three entrees on the menu, in a variety of choices.  Choose from a small or large size of lasagna in either traditional (beef and pork), or all beef, vegetarian, gluten free and Halal.  Or choose Chicken Parmigiana, or maybe Polpitte (Meatballs).

    What a way to stock your Freezer

    made with love

    Whatever you order is simply good traditional Italian food – made with love.  It’s delivered frozen to your door to be enjoyed for your next meal or to stock your freezer with a beautiful serenade.

    This very family centered idea has certainly garnered attention now in Barrie.  It’s the right idea, at the right time, and certainly with the right taste.  Never before have you felt more love than answering the door for a delivery from [email protected] Barrie.

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    made with love

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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