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Fun, Fitness and the Best Healthy Restaurants in Barrie

Now, more than ever, focusing on health and wellbeing and maintaining a state of wellness within the body is critically important. Good health helps our ability to focus and concentrate, our overall energy and how we feel when we look in the mirror. Fortunately, for the health and fitness enthusiast, the outdoor lifestyle of Barrie has lots to offer, and we have embraced healthy eating as well.

Our Favourite Healthy Restaurants in Barrie

Visit AvocoBar

Feeling energized, motivated, and ready to thrive every day starts with nourishing food. AvocoBar is a custom salad shop, with three locations Barrie, where you can build your own healthy meal solution. Whether you’re looking for a healthy and tasty lunch option or need a post-workout meal, you can make the most of the fresh, healthy food selection at AvocoBar and you are sure to find something that tastes delicious and makes you feel good inside and out!

Uncovered Secret: Look for the delicious liquid refreshment options at AvocoBar.

Head to the Farmer’s Market

Good health and a positive mindset starts with fuelling the body with the right foods. The Barrie Farmer’s Market presents the perfect opportunity to do this, as you head there on a Saturday morning from 8am to noon and take advantage of local farmers’ offerings.  Eating seasonally and locally ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs and you feel energized and ready physically and mentally to tackle each day.

Uncovered Secret: Barrie Farmer’s Market is also open during the winter. It’s indoors, in Barrie City Hall.

Eat at Boon Burger Café

Offering “100% guilt-free plant-based eating,” Boon Burgers makes it easy to get your burger fix while still making a healthy food selection. When eating out, it can be hard to find healthy alternatives, or hard to find options if you are seeking to follow a particular diet selection or have food intolerances. Places like Boon make it easy to stay on track, while still enjoying all the pleasures of a restaurant meal.

Uncovered Secret: Boon serves dairy-free soft serve ice cream.

Boon Burger

Our Favourite Healthy Activities

Soak Up the Sun

The proximity of Barrie to both the lake and beaches makes it a great place to get outdoors and take advantage of the fresh air. Fresh air exposure helps improve focus and increases brain stamina, and research has been found that regularly breathing in air that is filled with natural pollens, plants, and bacteria can boost the gut microbiome.  A healthy gut is at the root of helping reduce many health conditions, including inflammation, mental health struggles, skin irritations, digestive problems, brain fog and, much more.

Find a Furry Friend

Most people are no stranger to how happy they feel when they see a cute dog walking down the street or get to hold a friend’s new, cuddly kitten. Therapists are aware of this too, and it is why dogs and animals are often used in helping people overcome trauma and depression. The St. John Ambulance has a traveling therapy program which regularly visits cities – including Barrie! Hosted by the Barrie Community Health Centre, watch their events page to see when the furry friends will be making an appearance, and head down for a little pick me up, or just to have the dogs make you smile!

Get a Massage

At the end of a long day at work, there’s nothing better than booking in for a massage. Well Now is Barrie’s holistic health services center, offering a wide selection of services that encourage overall improved health and wellbeing. Massage services encourage improved physical wellness, looking after the muscular and structural system of the body, as well as helping cleanse the body by activating the lymphatic system and moving through toxins. Other services include osteopathy and naturopathy.

Your health and wellness is important! Be sure to check out the many ways to get fit and eat at healthy restaurants in our great city!