Most everyone has their favorite pizza place, one of our most loved “easy night” dinners.   Paezano’s has always been a go-to pizza shop for people in the Barrie area for sure!

    Why Paezano's?

    Today in talking to Maria of Paezano’s Barrie we learned why Paezano’s has such a loyal customer base for a family run pizza place.

    Maria works diligently at customer and neighborhood satisfaction, buying local, always fresh, with no MSG or preservatives right from the start.


    After 15 years of very happy Customers, Paezano’s has taken it to the next level.  They’ve relocated to 35 Cedar Point Drive Unit 26.  Up and available now they have increased their menu value with a hot table, gelatto, specialty coffees, deli items and delicious pastries along with their already beloved pizza pies.

    Understanding Their Community!

    Their community sponsorship over the years has  been well recieved.  Even when budgets have been tight they have been able to help out various Prom nights, Gilda’s Club and our own local firefighters.

    Check out their Instagram for Pics!

    Maria wants her customers to get the best deals possible.  She understands her customer’s needs well.  When I asked her what the best deal would be it was a Medium 3 topping pizza, 8 wings, with 4 pop.  This can feed a family of 4 for under a $30.00 budget.  She wants to fit your budget as she feeds your family.

    Community is Family!

    Maria’s ultimate dream is very heartfelt.  She understands that her strength of success lies in the unity and togetherness of the community that supports her business while she happily feeds generation after generation.

    Paezano’s has a great respect of family values and needs while understanding that word of mouth along with strong local advertising gets the news out.

    Check It Out!!

    So if you have a friend or new neighbor, let them know to check out Paezano’s for that Family Feel and a Great Pizza Pie!

    Even better yet – Call and place your order today!!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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