girls' night out

    When’s the last time you had a girls’ night out? Don’t remember? Read on to learn about the top benefits of girls’ night out and where you should go.  There’s something really special about ladies night. Bonding with your fellow females brings a sense of camaraderie like nothing else.  Plus, getting out and letting your hair down is freeing and a lot of fun.  But did you know that there are actually deeper and longer lasting benefits to taking the time to be with your girls?

    A Girls Night Out Is More than Just Fun

    girls' night out

    It turns out that socializing with members of your gender actually improves mental health. Why?  The theory is that it’s easier to relate to the life experiences of those in the same gender because of the biological hormone differences between men and women. For instance, how well do your guy buddies understand the trials of PMS?

    And if you’re struggling with trauma or illness, seeking solace among your women friends puts you in a circle of caring.  Plus, spending time with your gal pals decreases feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. It also increases the beneficial hormones that can help boost your immune system.  So what constitutes a great girls night?


    girls' night out

    Life and responsibilities often get in the way of spending enough time with friends, and this can lead to friendships that sit on the backburner for far too long, and you losing touch with the people you love. Having a regular girls’ night is a great way to ensure that you and your friends stay close and that you don’t let life get in the way of your relationships. Your friends are an integral part of your life because they’re the people you trust when you’re in need, the ones you turn to when you need help, and the ones you count on when you want to have a great night out!


    girls' night out

    Not only does a “just because” girls’ night out with the ladies improve your mood, but it also reduces stress levels by elevating your levels of oxytocin and producing feelings of bliss. And thanks to the stress-reducing abilities of girl time together, friendships between women also increase a woman’s better health. So next time your responsibilities at work or home try to stop you from getting together with the ladies, make sure everyone knows your health depends on girls’ night!


    girls' night out

    Cyndi Lauper said that girls just wanna have fun, and truer words were never spoken. Ladies’ night isn’t just about seeing your friends—it’s also about doing the things that you don’t have time for during the week, exploring new activities, being able to get dressed up in your most fun outfit, and giving yourself permission to let loose and have a fab time. Here are some of the greatest girls’ night ideas of all time:

    • Trying something completely new and whacky with a Groupon experience
    • Hosting your own fashion show
    • Having a wine and dine ‘crafternoon’
    • Getting dressed up like royalty and go to the opera or a play
    • Dressing up in fun costumes or themed outfits to go out on the town

    Check out the Hottest New Spot in Town

    girls' night out
    girls' night out
    girls' night out

    Ladies’ night has many important benefits, including for your health, your mental health, and your relationships with your best girls. So next time life is moving way too fast and work has you overwhelmed, make sure you clear your schedule, make arrangements for the kids, find a dog sitter, and tell everybody that you and your besties are busy that night!

    What we suggest you try first, is setting a regular date at the hottest new spot in town.  Check out B’Spoke on Collier Street.  A perfect place to make your special place to gather.  This spot has incredible ambience with enough app and menu choices for every dietary need.  And…they have such cool offerings.  Think the latest in wine, beer and cocktails, and with so much flair!

    B’Spoke offers such a classic feel, sophisticated yet not pretentious.  They even hand mix their beautiful cocktails.

    So by making B’Spokeyour place’, you can relax and take a load off while getting caught up .  You’ve earned it.

    girls' night out

    For some more cool reasons to visit B’Spoke, follow this link.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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