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Steyn House

2 Marcellus Dr. Barrie

705 252 0989

From South Africa to Steyn House right here in Barrie!  Certainly a change for Steyn House owners Willie and Illse.

Willie jokes saying, “ that after a variety of interesting jobs that didn’t last, if he couldn’t find one – he’d buy one”….  hence Steyn House.

Willie and Illse take hospitality to a whole new level by emphasizing the “u” in our!  Especially by introducing the City to wonderful authentic South African dishes.  Lots of incredibly great Pub Fare is available as well.  Especially wings in so many flavors!

Are you a karaoke lover?  If you are, join the fun at Steyn House every Friday evening at 8.  All your favourite music and friends are there to sing along with.  There’s so much to enjoy at Steyn House!  There are live music events, football pools, golf games, even Jukebox Hero where you don’t have to leave the table to play the songs you want, just download the app.

However, most special is the Sunday Night Dinner Specials.  Every week is a different special that often includes an authentic South African entrée, paired with wine and dessert.  Imagine, taking your taste buds travelling while you’re at a table in Barrie.

Willie, Illse and the staff love meeting new people.  It always seems that they come in as customers and leave as friends!

If you’ve been looking for a pub with a great atmosphere, lots of fun, good food, live music PLUS karaoke then you really need to drop into Steyn House in the south west end of town.

Even better – have your team building lunches or birthday parties, or even New Year’s Eve there.  A great experience will be had by all.

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