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Chef Spotlight: Review Time


Of all the things that you can be 100% sure of in life – change is a big one.  Things change, they just do.  Some changes are good and some changes – not so much.  But let us share with you when good changes come.  (because they are a -COMING!)

We have been doing a review of our Chef Spotlight and wanted to rehash some great moments with you all.  Remember back in February when we did the spotlight on Amanda Rider of Dunlop Street Diner?

Dunlop Street DIner chef Amanda Rider

If you remember well, then you’ll know that she was the Cheflicious Star of 2019.  Barrie Uncovered had the opportunity to listen to Amanda reminisce about when she was younger and couldn’t make Kraft Dinner out of a box.  She’s come a LOOONG way!  Do you remember who her inspiration was to go to Culinary School?  Well, give a read right HERE and remind yourself.


So, here’s the burning question – have there been any changes at Dunlop Street Diner since our spotlight article?  Honestly, you can’t fix perfect.  Their menu remains awesome and no changes have been made to it.

Next we went back to our March article on Common Good Café and Social House.

Spotlight on Barrie Restaurants & Chefs: Common Good

Keven Isherwood continues to cook great food for you at the Common Good. One of the things that we found interesting when we checked out the Social House was that their kitchen was entirely electric.  Being entirely electric in this day and age results it two very impressive things – zero omissions and a very small carbon footprint.  We like that.  Oh hey – do u remember why Kevin thought the ratio of 26 – 2 was a good one? (teeheehee!)  Refresh your memory HERE.


Here comes the burning question again – have there been any changes since our article?  No, there haven’t.  BUT – I’ve been told that there are some changes coming in October.  Definitely going to check that out!

So, where does that bring us now?  Oh yes, the most awesome Chris Gardiner of The Farmhouse.

Mac N Cheese, The Farmhouse

I’m pretty sure that most of Barrie must have gone to The Farmhouse once or twice by now.  First of all, we know it’s in that wonderfully restored historic building on Bradford Street.  We also know that its owned by Barrie’s own, Randy Feltis.  Randy and Chris have proved to be a great combination when it comes to providing outstanding food presented in a room of ambience.  Remember Oscar’s that used to be on Bayfield Street?  Yup, Randy and Chris.  Head over to our blog to refresh your memory on key information about Chris Gardiner HERE.


Another burning question SPOILER:  Guess what?  The Farmhouse is in the middle of updating their menu and have some exciting changes that are going to be coming soon!  Woot Woot!

Phew, that was a lot to say!  But there is one more – Grillicious Gourmet Tap & Grill.

Husband and Wife Team, Jason and Josie

Not only does Grillicious have exciting entertainment and themed nights, they have FANTASTIC food.  Check out the video we did with owners, Jason and Josie:

So how are you gonna choose where to have your next meal now?  Eenie Meenie Miny Moe is a good option.  Draw straws? (does anyone do that anymore?)  Here’s an idea – make a list and check them off as you go.  While you are making a list, make a list for Santa, too.  (oops, I said it!)  You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these great places.  Maybe Santa could send some gift cards your way?  Not a bad idea, we’ll put in a good word for you!

written by: Sharon Johnston | Images by: Stephen Elliot

If you would like your restaurant to be featured on our monthly Chef Spotlight series, reach out to [email protected]  We’d be glad to stop by!

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