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Mexican And A Movie – Episode 4

Mexican and A Movie
Mexican and A Movie

Settling in for a movie on a Friday night with the famjam is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. 

Moreover, if cooking is low on your priority list when kicking off the weekend, Quesada Bayfield has got you covered. They offer some of the best takeouts in town!

Every month, we bring you a selection of flicks to enjoy while you scarf down the deliciousness from Quesada.

Scroll on for July’s curated collection of hot movies! And enjoy a plate or two of hot (and tasty) Mexican fare tonight!

Check Out This Month’s Picks

Kick off your cinema surveillance with this animated flick from Netflix. 

Following the adventure of a young girl who stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, the Sea Beast should satisfy all generations in the house.

When the kiddos are in bed, hit up Prime for this Chris Pratt-led adrenaline journey. It’s called The Terminal List.

Pratt plays the leader of a SEAL team, who finds himself embroiled in a bizarre conspiracy after his team is decimated on a mission to kill a powerful terrorist.

Finally, if a binge session is on the docket, take in an episode or two of the new Baymax series on Disney +.

All the characters from Big Hero 6 are back for this show. Expect plenty of adventures and unique settings. 

Watch it on Disney right here

Always Fresh, Always Made Daily

Besides making fantastic assortments of tacos and quesadillas to order, Kunal and the staff at Quesada Bayfield ensure your meal is a treat. And they ALWAYS use nothing but fresh ingredients.

Add a Mexican-inspired soda to your selection and make it a full experience!

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