is it taco tuesday

    ‘Is it ‘Taco Tuezday’ yet?’ How many times do we hear that? Lots, as far as I’m concerned. Not in Norway, though; in Norway, the term is Friday’s taco.

    Humble Beginnings

    is it taco tuesday

    Once a humble lunch dish from Mexico, tacos have become an international sensation. No one knows the exact origin, but one seriously dedicated history professor feels that we should likely thank 18th-century Mexican silver miners for inventing what is known as the taco.
    Taking the world by storm, tacos are versatile, colourful, flavorful, portable and incredibly delicious. What’s not to love? If you’re adventurous enough, you can make anything into a taco. There’s a taco flavour for everyone.

    What's a Tuesday without Tacos?

    is it taco tuesday

    What is a Tuesday without tacos? A very sad Tuesday, that’s what it is.
    ‘Taco Tuezday’ comes once a week to satisfy our taco addictions on the cheap. This new tradition seems to have started in 1989 and was trademarked that same year by “Taco John’s” (a Taco chain across the U.S.). We can thank them for the catchy (and copyrighted – oops) name.
    For those of you who might have been living in a non-taco world (why anyone would do that is beyond me) and are clueless about what this day is, let me explain.

    'Taco Tuezday' is Awesome

    is it taco tuesday

    It’s a day where we all come together for the love of tacos and rejoice in cheap-meaty-taco-goodness. And, just in case cheap tacos were not enough – we also get to enjoy cheap margaritas/imported beer, a casual meal and lots of laughter.
    Basically, ‘Taco Tuezday’ is awesome for 3 reasons. Let’s break it down.
    TACOS, DUH! I am a fair believer that tacos should be at the top of the food pyramid. Your choice of select seasoned meats, in a corn blanket (or tortilla, whatever you want to call it), topped with an array of delicious toppings of your choosing – salsas, onion, cilantro, cheese, and if you’re lucky, GUAC(amole)! You can have 1, or you can have 10 (strongly recommended for total craving satisfaction) — it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you are getting all 10 for a fraction of the price that you would get on any other day of the week.


    is it taco tuesday

    ‘Taco Tuezday’ is not just an excuse to eat an insane amount of cheap tacos, but it’s also an excuse to drink on a weekday without being judged. That’s right. Go ahead and Snapchat your jug of homemade margaritas on Tuesday. It’s okay ’cause it’s #’TacoTuezday’. You’re not an alcoholic; you’re just celebrating Tuesday like the rest of us. Nothing like a salty margarita to compliment your savoury tacos and share with friends.


    is it taco tuesday

    What else could possibly make ‘Taco Tuezday’ the 2nd best day of the week (after Sunday Brunch)? Sharing space with friends and/or family on a Tuesday night. ‘Taco Tuezday’ is always better when celebrated with a group. Get together at your local taco joint, grab a margarita (or a few – no judgment on our part) and make your weekend plans on a Tuesday. Or even better…


    is it taco tuesday

    What could be better? Taking a completely prepped taco kit home, ice-cold drinks, and a leisurely evening just can’t be done any easier. We now know the best place to pick them up for dinner at home or a lunchtime office party. What better way to feed an office crowd, group of friends or even just the kids. There’s something for everyone. They make it themselves, proclaim a chef-like status and chow down.
    As parents, you can feel good about offering nutritious veggie choices; as a co-worker – you don’t have to work about allergies or intolerances, and at home, it’s an easy clean meal…there’s never much left.

    There’s always something more to read about Mexican food. Click here for the next tidbit.

    is it taco tuesday

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

    Now that you’ve got tacos on the brain leave us a comment letting us know your favourite taco filling.

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