Let’s be really real here – whether you spent Saturday night catching up with friends at Donaleighs or in your pyjamas catching up with your newest Netflix obsession, grabbing brunch on a Sunday is one surefire way to start your second weekend day off right (and perhaps even scare off the Sunday scaries). 


If you’re not sure where to grab that delicious breakfast grub, you’re in luck, because Barrie has quite a few hidden and not-so-hidden gems on the breakfast scene that won’t break the budget. Here are our top picks for getting your breakfast on in Barrie, Ontario for less than the cost of two tall, non-fat lattes with caramel drizzle from Starbucks. 


Get Your Barrie Brunch On For Under $20


Lazy Tulip 

From the colourful and cozy decor, to the super friendly staff, to the amazing french toast (for reals, you need to try this stuff), Lazy Tulip provides a warm and welcoming place to get your breakfast fill. The best part? This electric little cafe focuses on providing visitors with real food, conscious choices and vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, making it a feel-good brunch option that won’t cost you the big bucks.  



Dunlop Diner 

Diner food with a sophisticated twist. A relatively new addition to the breakfast scene, Dunlop Diner provides breakfast seekers with new and tasty takes on diner staples. The huge menu has a ton of options and a ton of different flavours to tantalize your palate.

We’d definitely recommend the California omelette or any of the eggs benedict permutations…or the spicy hash. Ok, really, everything is super tasty and delicious. You can’t really go wrong here. Most options are also pretty darn affordable at less than $15. And we got a chance to meet the kickass chef at the diner earlier this year


Flashback Diner

Breakfast with a side of nostalgia? Yes, please! Not only does this place offer a retro decor and vibe, if you grew up in Barrie, you also may remember eating here as a little one with your family. The prices too harken back to yesteryear, when everything didn’t cost a bazillion dollars.




Is this an exhaustive list of the best places to get your Barrie brunch on for under $20? Heck no! We need your help! Let us know where you like to grab your pancakes and bacon. Share with us in the comments below or through our social media channels by including the hashtag #BarrieBestBreakfast.