The Golden Rules of Karaoke

Karaoke is an ideal mix of a bar hangout and performance showcase.

And Alliance Billiards is the perfect venue to hone your singing pipes while enjoying a night out!

Every Thursday, you can meet on their patio to channel your inner Harry Styles or Beyonce. 

But before you load a selection of sweet tunes into the machine, it’s best to brush up on the general rules of Karaoke etiquette to ensure your songfest is a blast for you and your audience. Follow these tips to ensure that everyone has a good karaoke time…

Show A Little Respect

Remember that Karaoke is not a competition. You are not a superstar singing in front of thousands of screaming fans. (Although talented Karaoke singers have been known to have groupies )

There’s no reason to get upset if your performance isn’t up to snuff, or if someone snags “your” song before you get to the mic. And never “Boo” any performance, EVER!

The Golden Rules of Karaoke

Don't Hog The Mic

Never hijack someone’s performance by jumping into a song. When someone is on stage, let them be the centre of attention.

If you and a fellow singer want to do a duet, then go for it! But let everyone have a moment to shine. 

No Pressure

For some people, singing in public is about as exciting as being thrown out of a plane.

Dragging a patron up and forcing them to sing, when they clearly don’t want to be on stage, is bad form.

Audience members who are there just to enjoy the music are as important to a good Karaoke night as the best singers.

Some good-natured encouragement is fine, but never pressure anyone out of their comfort zone. 

The Golden Rules of Karaoke

No Butchering

Be sure to choose a song that you are familiar with and can sing without butchering the lyrics.

Karaoke is a ton of fun, but it’s not an excuse to make a spectacle of yourself, so if you are taking the mic, be respectful of the craft. 

Foodie Fare And Drinks For Your Karaoke Session

Staying fueled up for your mini-concert is a must on Karaoke nights.

Luckily, Alliance’s terrific menu is at your disposal while the tunes are cranked.

Besides the usual pub fare like burgers and nachos, check out their scintillating collection of sides and mains.

The menu boasts trays of Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Peppers, Greek Meatballs, Lemon Chicken with potatoes and more.

The Golden Rules of Karaoke
It’s that Comfort Food Time of Year

Written By: Stu Lynman

Photo Credit: Anita Blaszczak

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