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Barrie Soup

Soup’s On: 4 Places To Ladle Up in Barrie


The best soup in Barrie is like a big hug in a fuzzy sweater.

Comforting, warm and perfect to shake the colder weather blahs. And with the temperatures taking a decided downturn later this week as October approaches, it’s a good idea to get the spoons ready.

And if Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s that mastery of even a simple soup is essential for chefs everywhere.

Here’s 4 spots to ladle up in Barrie!


One of the coziest spots in Barrie, the Lazy Tulip is a prime destination for a bowl of deliciousness.

Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the lunch menu offers a daily soup (served with foccacia)

And if you opt for Tapas, you get a shot of the good stuff.


“Simply Good Food” is the motto of Scotty’s, located in Painswick.

You could add “simply good soup” in brackets, as this independent restaurant produces a hearty and tasty house made barley.

If you are feeling more international, they also put together a nice french onion option.


Also in the south end, and with two locations, the Simmering Kettle presents a couple of choices for soup lovers.

First is the hearty, homemade Soup du Jour. Second is the mouth watering seven onion soup…with bacon. Proving the old adage that the key to all good cooking is adding bacon.

Uncovered Tip: Pair the soup with something from their cool sister joint Dotsi Eats! Located on Bryne Drive, Dotsi offers savoury flavours and street food of Italy, Greece, Mexico and India to foodies in Barrie.


Another of Barrie’s coziest spots, Bohemia’s menu is a trip through hotness. Oh get your mind out of the gutters…we mean the coffees and teas!

Beside the terrific assortment of java, there is a daily delectable soup pick. Prepared fresh, it’s the perfect antidote to a chilly day.

Bohemia’s gone to a Covid friendly menu, so everything is being offered as take-out only. But when the restrictions allow, we can’t wait to get back into this cozy corner for a coffee and a chat!

Where do you get your soup on? Let us know if we missed your favorite soup joint in Barrie! 

Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

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