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Barrie Brewery Tours for Date Night

Barrie Brewery Tours and Other Exciting First Dates in the City

Where to go on a first date is a hard question, but here at Barrie Uncovered we think going on a Barrie Brewery Tour is the tastiest and most creative answer!

Other issues like ‘should I wear the red or the blue?’ and ‘what if I get spinach stuck in my teeth and the date gets awkward?’ are just as easy to answer: wear the blue, and don’t order anything with spinach – all your problems solved!

First Stop on the Barrie Brewery Tour

The Redline Brew House is a great place to start. A word to the wise is to always book ahead.  A good plan always involves a couple of phone calls and you can impress your date with how smoothly this all goes down.  Redline has brewery tours every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.  Give Redline a call and tell them that Barrie Uncovered is sending you on a Brewery Tour!  Make sure any ladies on the tour are aware of the no high heels or open toed shoes in Brewery rule. If you were worried about spinach in your teeth and being awkward, you don’t want to be caught off guard in sandals on a Brewery Tour. We have another tidbit for you, check out Redline’s brewery tour process and read up before you get there. This date is going to go very well!

Barrie Brewery Tour for Date Nights

Barrie Concerts: Crème Brule & Flying Monkeys

Another great Barrie Brewery is the Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Company.  They’ve got two locations in Barrie, and an award-winning restaurant.  Barnstormers is the full deal for a first date. Go on a tour and then be prepared for live music from local musicians on the weekends. Their tours are on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday.  Now let’s pause for a moment for something very important you’ll want to remember: Lemon Blueberry Crème Brule. We’ll let you think about that for a second…and maybe just another second.

Barrie Brewery Tour for Date Night

Did someone say Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery?  Yes, we did!  First and foremost, we love their website because it’s very interactive, easy to use and funny. Being downtown with your date has potential for extra activities. Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Pub Crawl for fun and excitement, or perhaps after checking out Flying Monkeys you take your date down to the waterfront and enjoy the Winterfest activities. Before you go, we have another Barrie Uncovered secret for you – Flying Monkeys has plugs under all chairs at the bar so you can charge your phone!  You’ll definitely want to get a few good pics of your awesome adventures – don’t forget to tag us online!

City of Barrie Parking

If you’re heading downtown for your date night, you’ll need to consider parking before you go. Paid parking downtown is enforced from 9:00-5:00 on weekdays, but waterfront parking is free for residents who display a resident parking pass. Head to the City of Barrie Parking site to learn more and see areas of interest such as electric vehicle charging stations.

And, to be sure you get home safely, always call an Uber or a taxi or take Barrie transit!

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