Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Are you a pickle lover?  It’s said that the crunch of a good pickle can be heard 25 feet away.

    What Exactly is a Pickle?

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    If you were around 4,000 years ago, a pickle was the way ancient people preserved many vegetables.  Starting with cucumbers soaked in acidic brine, the ancients found that they could preserve many vegetables this way – even eggs.

    The Name Comes From...

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    The name pickle is actually derived from the way they’re made.  In Dutch- pekel, or German- pokel means salt or brine; which both must be used to soak the pickles to preserve them.

    The various taste of pickles commonly eaten are dill (the most popular by far), sour pickles, bread and butter, gherkins, and of course the specialties from Eastern Europe – especially Poland.

    Pickles are one food you don’t even have to cook. They can be enjoyed as is, or on a sandwich or burger.  The cool thing about using pickles is the enormous flavour that they can add to so many dishes.

    There are so Many Recipes

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Imagine tuna salad, potato or pasta salad, even devilled eggs without that famous crunch!

    Elvis Presley would tell you that pickles can and should be cooked – deep-fried that is.  This favourite of his has become almost a standard in pub fare and outdoor events today.

    The Health Benefits were Known Centuries Ago...

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Pickles do have goodness in them – other than the great gob-smacking flavour as well.  There’s enough Vitamin C & E in a pickle that they were used to combat scurvy in days of old.  Being fermented makes them great for gut health as well.

    Oddly enough pickles don’t have a lot of calories – a dill pickle has just 4 calories, 8 grams carbs and 3 grams fiber.  It’s the sodium that’ll get you.  That once healthy sounding pickle contains approximately 283 mg. of sodium.  WOW!

    Actually maybe the health benefits outweigh that sodium as long as over-indulgence is curbed.

    Here's a List of the Good Things in Pickles:

    Vitamin A & K                      Boosts immune system, strengthens vision, improves bone health

    Beta Carotene                     Helps protect against heart disease, stroke and respiratory illness

    Anti-Oxidants                      Protects against cell damage, reduces inflammation, cancer, heart disease

    Calcium/Potassium            Great for boosting electrolytes.

    While pickles have so many health-boosting vitamins and anti-oxidants they are still a food to be enjoyed in moderation.

    Even a Facebook Group!

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Enough about the health stuff – Do you know there’s a I Love Pickles group on Facebook?  It’s a great group to share pickle stories and recipes alike.

    Are You A Pickle Lover?
    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Here in Barrie we also have a super duper selection of European Pickles @ Polski Deli, 555 Mapleview Dr. W.

    There are so many pickles to choose from….Yum!….Where do we begin?

    Are You A Pickle Lover?

    Written By:  Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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