tradition in Barrie

    Barrie is filled with many restaurants; both take out and dine in.  A long standing tradition in Barrie is choosing your favorite restaurants for specific meals.  Being divided into many distinct communities, neighbourhood choices become very important.  For instance, if you’re in the northwest end of town, a logical choice for pizza is Paezanos. 

    Radical Changes

    tradition in Barrie
    tradition in Barrie

    Here’s where changes become interesting.  Paezanos Pizza relocated during the last shutdown.  Still located in the northwest end, they’ve made some radical changes in their offerings.

    Once an ‘all-thing pizza’ take-out shop – they’ve now become a ‘foodies’ one stop shop for all things Italian.

    Making it With Love

    tradition in Barrie

    Still a family run business, making food with love, the biggest difference now is what else they have to offer.

    Walk into Paezanos during the day and check out everything.  Sit down, take a break.  Have a coffee from the espresso bar while you contemplate lunch from the hot table.  There’s always so much ‘yumminess’ there.

    Oh! and the Desserts...

    tradition in Barrie
    tradition in Barrie

    If there’s even a smidgeon of room left, order a gelato, that most heavenly Italian ice cream.  Or spoil yourself even more with the most delectable pastries…all made in shop.

    Then There's the Deli

    tradition in Barrie

    Now that every possible craving has been satisfied, head over to the Deli and check out what’s available in meats and cheeses.

    Shop for Home

    tradition in Barrie

    The newest addition is Paezanos dry goods selection.  Here is where you can purchase all things Italian to cook at home.

    Choose from a variety of pastas, tomato products and spices for your family’s favorite pasta dish.  Check out the condiments, oils and vinegars that Italy is so known for.  You may even discover some great meal ideas as you wander through.

    Last but not Least - The Pizza

    tradition in Barrie
    tradition in Barrie
    tradition in Barrie

    Just don’t forget that a tradition in Barrie is Paezanos Pizza.

    If you’d like to read more about Paezanos Pizza – check out this article!

    tradition in Barrie

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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