Now that the warm weather is (finally) with us, we can start to dream of long socially distant walks in the sun.

And the perfect treat to end your summer stroll is something cold and sweet. After all, you did just burn a bunch of calories and get exercise, right?

Covid makes it a bit trickier, but there are still plenty of spots in town open for an ice infused drink. Here’s a few to check out!

5 Places To Get a Shake or Smoothie



This place is almost a hidden gem, due to it being off the downtown strip and away from the south end eatiries.

But it’s one of the city’s best burger joints, and they offer up absolutely scrumptious shakes to go with your meal. And they’re open for delivery and pickup!



It’s almost a summer right of passage in Barrie to drop by Swirleez while wandering downtown. Known for their frozen yogurt, they also a offer blend of terrific smoothies made with real fruit. Go crazy and get both!

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You already know about Kwartha. We know you already know about Kwartha. But it’s a sin to not mention this destination of choice in Barrie for a shake or ice cream. Because it’s THAT GOOD.



You need a little something sweet to wash down the delicious and hearty breaky that Dunlop Diner serves up. And they offer both shakes and smoothies to choose from! Add a bit of macha or whey protein to either if you want to up your nutrient levels.



Another sweet spot to hit in the downtown core, Valiant’s offers vegan and gluten free icy options. It’s a great add on to their wide menu of healthy fare.


And don’t forget that Baskin Robbins, Ripe Juicery, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s and Harvey’s all have shakes on their menus as well.


Did we miss a spot in our 5 Places To Get a Shake or Smoothie? Let us know in the comments! And if you are a business staying open during Covid, we want to hear from you! We’ll get you Uncovered!