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What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?
What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022? Mullets, shaved heads, and bobs all made a comeback in the New Year after a...
What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?  Mullets, shaved heads, and bobs all made a comeback in the New Year after a lengthy global shutdown. They were undoubtedly prevalent last year, along with a few styles now known as ‘Covid Cuts.’

Consider which features on your face you’d want to enhance as you go through this list. You and your stylist may create a plan to ensure that these elements are appropriately framed.

The Curly Shag

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

The curly shag is one of the most popular summer styles that will continue until the end of the year. This appearance has short layers cut into an uneven shape for a natural, romantic style. To generate various looks, scrunch your curls or pin them back.

With more ladies experimenting with their coils after lockdown, this cut has evolved into a fun way to play around with various lengths and bangs while still keeping that laid-back, lived-in vibe.

The Layered Look

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

One of the biggest trends in haircut styles so far this year includes all-over layers cut into various lengths. This layered mop is super versatile and easy to style with the right product.

Another favourite of stylists due to its simple upkeep, this look can be worn on straight or curly hair for a light-hearted approach to year-round hairstyles.

The Bob Cut

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

Many women will be turning to or bob and lob haircuts this year to get ready for warmer weather. The lob – long bob – cuts the hair off near your shoulders and is great for fine hair types who want volume and length.

This versatile style is a popular choice among busy ladies because it requires little styling time in the morning or heat tools during the week. Yet it can be very dressed for any special occasion.

The Pixie Cut

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

A popular haircut trend in 2022 will be the pixie cut, which is a boyish style that can add instant volume to any cheekbones and jawline. This short hairstyle is even more eye-catching with a choppy, side-swept fringe.

The shaggy pixie is an excellent look for thick hair and can be achieved with simple daily brushing and air-drying. A water-based product like sea salt spray or mousse can help you achieve that messy, tousled texture without weighing the hair down.

The Takeaway

What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

Hair has been a topic of conversation for centuries, especially when it comes to trends. With new hairstyles popping up every day and more people than ever before feeling comfortable with their appearance, what will the future hold? The reality is that hairstyles change over time as we update our preferences and needs.

Haircuts are personal choices made by each person based on how they want to feel about themselves. If you’re looking for inspiration or guidance in your decision-making process, remember that there’s no one right way to live life – try something different!

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What’s Your Hairstyle for 2022?

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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