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    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Have you ever sat back and watched people living the lifestyle in Barrie that you’ve always dreamed of and wondered how they’ve done it?

    Living the Lifestyle in Barrie

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    We all get to a point in life where we want a lifestyle that makes us happy, but is that the lifestyle we really want.  I can remember driving to my next work place and seeing all the people enjoying the beach on a hot summer day and wondering how they manage that.  Or how the parking lots at the Mall could be filled to capacity every day; where do they get the time or the money?  Whether you work in a ‘traditional job’ or are an entrepreneur, consider these tips when changing direction.

    What's Important

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Figure out what’s important to you.  This is a tough question to ask yourself.  Priorities change.  Ask yourself what’s important to you at this moment and work from there.  We often get caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing or what others expect from us.  Take a few moments and think about what matters to you – then build your life around those important items.

    Making Changes

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Recognize the steps to take for you to make the necessary changes.  This might mean further education or even training in a new field.  Perhaps someone who is living the lifestyle that you desire could be your mentor.  It’s wonderful when someone you admire takes time to help you work through the necessary steps.  Sit down with them or even on your own, figure out just where it is you want to be and then be totally honest about exactly where you are.   This will help you to be one of those that are living the lifestyle in Barrie.

    Acknowledge Your Responsibilities

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    It’s very important at this point to acknowledge your responsibility for your life.  You aren’t able to control everything, nor could anyone ever believe what cards we’ve been dealt the past 20 months.  However, you can decide on how well you’re willing to accept change.  Once you’ve acknowledged that there is a desire to change, you can move forward.  Taking that step is always the first step to living the lifestyle you want.

    Take Small Steps

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Make sure to take small steps to start.  It’s not likely possible for anyone to do a complete life overhaul in one day – not even in a year.  Understand that and be ready.  Depending on the lifestyle you want, you may need to set smaller, more obtainable goals.  Again this is where a mentor can really ignite your passions and desires while helping you to make the necessary changes.  They will help you to reap the rewards you see them enjoying, in time.  They’ll also help you to develop new habits until suddenly you’re on your way.  Remember, lifestyle isn’t a destination; it’s an ever evolving journey.

    Surround Yourself with Support

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Surrounding yourself with support is very important.  Make sure to have the support from the people you love.  Getting your life partner on board may take some time, but it is totally necessary.  Here again, a mentor can really help guide everyone through the process.  There are also on-line forums, mastermind groups and meetups to help inspire you.

    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Life has shown us recently how quickly changes happen and how sustainable we must be.  Don’t be the one sitting on the sideline watching those living the lifestyle in Barrie that you want.  Make a move today.

    Meet Dan; Living the Lifestyle in Barrie

    living the lifestyle in Barrie
    living the lifestyle in Barrie

    Here we’d like to introduce you to Dan Carvalho.  He’s a person living the lifestyle and willing to share some of his experiences with us.  This week Dan had part of the Barrie Uncovered crew out for a day on the water.  If living the lifestyle that Dan does excites you, either reach out to give him a call or follow along each month to see what he’s up to.  It should be fun.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

    Video By: Mike Fennell of Fennbot FPV 

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