Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations


Cain’s Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations. From a very young age, Diane Cain of Cain’s Catering has had a passion for food with a creative flair.  Right from helping Gramma enough to earn the right to ‘lick the spoon’ to catering her Dad’s wedding, she has been passionate about creating meals that not only look good but taste fantastic.

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

There’s a lot of hard work in the history of Cain’s Catering, from going through a Self Employment Assistance Program to owning a food truck named The Little Red Beast that specialized in wild game, but what Diane is doing now is what’s exciting.  

After a re-branding process in 2019 to Cain’s Catering, Diane decided to go big or go home.  This led her to provide a weekend of mouthwatering morsels to take to the cottage for an editor of the Toronto Star. And so it began.

Working out of a Ghost Kitchen at Barrie Branch 147 of the Royal Canadian Legion on St. Vincent Street, Diane has the space to create the most impressive catered meals as well as provide meals to everyone at the Legion.

Passionate About Food

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

After not being able to have gatherings for so long, Cain’s Catering is passionate about making your celebrations about enjoyment, not worrying about the food.  And we all know that food plays one of the most important roles in any get-together.

The Cottage Kit:

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

Cain’s Catering covers everything from creating charcuterie boards to elaborate buffets.  Some of their favourite ideas for summer catering may surprise you.

The trip to the cottage can be made much simpler by calling ahead and arranging all your food or even meals with Cain’s.  Imagine being able just to stop in and pick up cold trays, salads, picnic foods, and even desserts, all packed and ready to go?  You can even arrange a ‘picnic basket’ of food to munch on during the stop and go of the 400.

The Backyard BBQ:

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

Whether the plan is a neighbourhood get-together, a  family reunion or a birthday party, consider calling Cain’s Catering.

The choices start right with just supplying all your ready-to-cook meats and prepared sides to not having to lift a finger, with everything being fully catered for you.

That’s not all.  This is where it becomes very enticing.  Choose from many different ethnic foods (Jamaican, Portuguese, Greek, European) to our standard fair of great burgers and dogs.

The Wedding Packages

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

Now we’re getting into some really great ideas.  Cain’s Catering really provides a total food package for everything wedding.

That’s the wedding showers, the bachelor parties and the wedding itself. This can be a crazy stressful time for even the most organized people. Why not enjoy the people, events and moments by having  Cain’s Catering take over the food?

And of Course - The Legion

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

By using Branch 147 of the Legion as her base, Diane also has a standard fare menu to enjoy.  There’s Fish & Chips, Homemade Burgers, Wings and more.  

Cain’s Catering is also known for great buffets for events being held there as well.  Upcoming is Memphis Mudd on July 30th, where Cain’s will offer a buffet dinner before the show.

Remember, by Supporting Cain’s Catering, you also support the Legion.

Whatever Your Seasonal Celebration

Cain's Catering Discusses Seasonal Celebrations

Whatever your Seasonal Celebration, Cain’s Catering can make your event a foodie’s dream.  More time for you to enjoy your guests, the moment and the memories…

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

What’s your favourite summer celebration? Let us know in the comments!

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