Benefits of Karaoke

    Have you ever been out socially and unexpectedly walked into a Karaoke Bar?

    Getting on Stage

    Benefits of Karaoke

    Very often people that get up on stage do so for 1 of 2 reasons; either they’re passionate about singing favorite tunes or they’ve had a wee bit too much liquid courage.

    Don’t be too hard on them even if listening might be hard on you.  Karaoke offers amazing benefits to the both of you.

    Origins of Karaoke

    Benefits of Karaoke

    Karaoke actually originated in Japan and moved very successfully into other Asian countries before Europeans and North Americans joined the scene.

    It can be hilariously funny at times but you’ve got to admit you need some serious Cojones unless you’ve got talent, or you’re just a truly fun-loving person.

    Gaining Confidence

    Benefits of Karaoke

    There are many people who really do have talent but are super shy.  Singing Karaoke allows them to get up and sing their favorite tunes.  Often after a few goes these shy people have gained confidence and become sort of ‘celebrated regulars’.

    Once they’ve found the courage to sing in front of a crowd of strangers, the self confidence and self esteem that was once lacking increases dramatically in many other aspects of their lives.

    Broadening Social Circles

    Benefits of Karaoke

    Usually when someone heads out to karaoke they’ve arranged to go with friends and family or join up with a group they’ve gotten familiar with.  This group often grows with many people being able to broaden their social circles while having fun.

    Lessening Stress

    Benefits of Karaoke

    As this happens stress is often lessened.  You see, singing usually makes people happy.  Happiness decreases stress by releasing endorphins, allowing your heart rate to lower as well.

    As your anxieties and stressors lessen you tend to breathe better.  In fact, singing usually uses your whole body.  The muscles in your diaphragm and lungs expand fully causing the abdominal muscles to be more relaxed.

    So far karaoke builds confidence, increases lung capacity and alleviates stress, what else can it do?

    An Emotional Outlet

    Benefits of Karaoke

    Singing allows a deep emotional outlet.  Quite often a participant chooses a song they feel strong attachments to.  Putting every nuance of emotion, passion and personality into their performance they communicate deeply with their audience.

    Better Memory

    All of this leads to better memory, better health and better confidence.  What’s more karaoke is very fun.  Whether you decide to sing or not, chances are you’ll enjoy the show.

    So, every Thursday night from 9pm to 1am at Alliance Billiards, reap the benefits of Karaoke and most of all – Have a Great Time!

    Written By:  Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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