We know that you are reading posts about Boots and Hearts 2019 that are making your head spin. We were there and saw the same things.  You name it, we saw it. But we also saw so much more. Let’s share the positives and turn some McFrowns upside down. Let us help you restore a little faith in humanity….


It really all started with Coleman and Tent City. Every year at Boots and Hearts there are so many tent campers that they call the area Tent City. On Thursday August 9th, the winds started blowing and blowing and then changed into gusting and gusting until we clocked some of them at 33 KM/H. If you are a camper, you know that gusting wind spells trouble. Thing is, at Boots and Hearts you’ve got all sorts of campers grouped together from the very experienced to the very first timers. Things like stakes and good knots become important and FAST. With the gusting wind, many tents were damaged and, in some cases, blown away. That quickly spells devastation because those campers have a lack of resources and sleeping under the sky, although it sounds romantic, just isn’t an option when you’ve got thousands of people around you. Okay, we’ve set the picture, so let’s get to the point.

Those nice people in the Coleman Pavilion went around and handed out tents to those people who needed them. Pro Bono. Just a decent act of kindness. Tip of the hat to you, Coleman. We are so impressed.

21st Bday Boy!

It happened so fast; we didn’t even get his name. “IT’S MY BIRFDAY!!!” said the happiest guy EVER! He turned 21 on Saturday, August 10th. He was full of excitement and enthusiasm and if the word “Par-taaaay” could be shown in a pic, it would be this pic below. Happy 21st, Buddy!

Uber Boy from Toronto

Nick from Toronto had been planning to attend Boots and Hearts 2019 ever since he attended for the first time in 2018. He had this whole plan together, camping weekend, party time and loads of fun. He was all packed and only had to finish work on Friday and then he was heading to Burl’s Creek from TO. Except for the fact that it didn’t end up happening that way. Nick went to start his car on Friday morning and nothing. He quickly grabbed transit to work and decided to figure it out when he was done. Again, it didn’t work out that way. Car seemed fizzled, work was done and he had his ticket to Boots and Hearts but no Plan B. Nick basically said Eff it and decided to Uber to Burl’s Creek. Guess how much that cost him? 200 smackers right to the feels. He gets to Boots with his backpack and absolutely nothing else. His new plan? Make friends, find somewhere to crash and hopefully find a ride home. It didn’t end up working that way, (again) well not exactly. He made friends, but no one offered him a place to stay and now security is telling him that if he doesn’t have a campground, he needs to leave. It’s 2 am and he’s stuck bad. But then Carolyn happens. She’s staying in VIP and is friends with the security guards. Nick is about the same age as her son. Carolyn is at Boots and Hearts all by herself and has a tent in VIP, but she also happens to have a pick up truck with the pickup Truck Bed Tents. She brought in just in case. Funny enough, just in case happened. She brought Nick over and gave him some food and then tent for the night while she slept in the pickup truck tent. Carolyn told us, “I had the space and just couldn’t see him sent home.” Ahhh, thanks Carolyn!


This girl could ROCK! We didn’t get her name but guess what? She’s getting married! Boots and Hearts is her last Canadian To Do before she heads off to New York to be with her fiancé. She made sure to describe the New York accent to us complete with expressions. We thought she nailed it. Congratulations!


It was what everyone was waiting for – Miranda Lambert. The crowd was huge and the energy was just radiating! There’s this cute couple and they are holding hands. Suddenly, the guy gets on his knee, still holding her hand and reaches into his pocket…..the immediate crowd around erupts and you just can barely hear the words he’s saying…..” Will you……marry me?” The cheer that went up was pretty decent yet it was easily swallowed by the crown cheering as Miranda was coming on. Those who were around them were pretty excited to see the proposal. We didn’t get a pic of it, but she said, “YES!”.


Shout out to McDonald’s for providing free coffee’s, latte’s and cappuccino’s during Boots and Hearts 2019! Wow! Wow! Wow! There was never a huge lineup – staff were friendly and funny. Thanks, so much to McDonald’s and their great staff!


Another great shout out! Monster represented BIG during Boots and Hearts. Cold, refreshing Monsters were available FREE during the weekend. Monster also had a stage and were featuring karaoke and giving potential stars a chance to shine. This karaoke though, wasn’t like what you expected, because they had a LIVE BAND! Yup, Good Enough Live Karaoke. You got to go up on stage with the band, they had an iPad with lyrics and away you went.

If you lost your spot, the band would do a little big of back up singing to get you on track. How awesome is that? They also had a Monster Green Room! Way to go guys!


She hasn’t made it to Boots and Hearts yet! She says 2020 is going to be HER YEAR! Kendra shared a pic of her savings jar. (She’s so serious!)

She’s a mother of 3 children and is a stay-at-home Mom. She’d like to go back to school for Mechanical Engineering. Kendra was born and raised in Wasaga Beach and is a country music fan! Her favourites are Garth Brooks, Shania Twain and Brad Paisley. Hey Boots and Hearts!  Bring these artists and help send this Mom to your 2020 show! Kendra has a Go Fund Me page and if you want to help this fine lady make it to Boots and Hearts 2020 to see her idols – send her a donation!


To find the girl. The year was 2017, the place? Boots and Hearts, of course. Keith was excited about attending Boots and Hearts 2017 because his parents named him after Keith Urban. Oh, he told us he knew many of Urban’s songs, because his parents idolize him. Keith was excited to see for himself. The 2017 festival had something else in store for him. A girl. He met an amazing girl and before he knew it, she was gone. Keith asked us to include him in our feel-good story and to tell Isabelle – if you are reading this – please join The Ultimate Boots and Hearts Fan Group and look him up. This could be fated! (Keith attended 2018 and didn’t find Isabelle.  He hopes to run into her in 2020!)

There you go! A few good stories worth reading. Having been present at Boots and Hearts 2019, we can honestly say that the security was outstanding. The volunteers were amazing! And the media? We were the best! But it all comes down to each and every one of you. The fans, the crowd and all those present. There really, really was a lot of love and kindness going on. Hopefully these stories will help remind us of our humanity. We still have a bunch more stories – we talked to so, so, so many of you!  Like and follow us on Facebook and Insta.  Maybe our next little tidbit will be about YOU!

Peace and LOVE!

Written by Sharon Johnston | Images by Stephen Elliot|Sarah Essmail