Full Day Event Celebrates The Life of Paige Doucette While Promoting Local Music

When you are a teenager, everything seems possible.

Life is all ahead of you. You begin to figure out who you are, what you stand for and how you are going to make your mark.

For Paige Doucette, that trajectory seemed destined for a life of accomplishment. The Barrie youngster was studying communications at university, as well as being a devotee of music and the performing arts. She was a drummer…and a damned good one.

In a utterly unfair twist, that potential would never be realized. Just before her second year, Paige was befallen by a rare and terminal form of cancer. She was just 19 when she passed away, leaving a large circle of friends and family shocked and saddened.

Yet after a while, some of those friends began to think about Paige. And specifically, what she would want to happen in the wake of the heartache.

Kat Chabot, Paige’s best mate, was one of them. And it was her brainwave that the way forward was to honor Paige in a way that helped fight the disease that took her, while enriching the community through her passion for music.

“The first year or so was tough, it was a really dark time without Paige. But after a while, we realized she was so full of life, it makes no sense to focus on her death. Rather we should talk about how many people she brought together and on her music”.

Working with Paige’s parents and her friends at home and at university, the result was Paige’s Passion Music Fest. A full day live music event by local musicians supporting local patients.

Now in it’s sixth year, the festival brings together a massive roster of local talent for a full day series of concerts. And Kat is sure it is an initiative Paige would approve of.

“She was always on top of emerging bands, she was always writing down lyrics. In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to finally go on stage and perform.”

In addition to the fundraising and musical performances, the event is being aided by a new resource for performing artists, the Ontario Musicians Co-operative. You can learn more about them and how they are contributing to the development of local musicians right here.


Hosted at Mavrick’s, the festival boasts an impressive roster of local musicians.

The Mystics, the Noolands, CousinJack, Cardinal Street, All My Life and Megan Anne, well known to Barrie’s live music junkies, will all be there. And equally impressive is the headliner, Carl Dixon. You might have heard that name, as Carl has played with The Guess Who and Coney Hatch over the years.

It’s a full day event, with 15 bands performing from the time doors open. Proceeds go to the RVH, where a fund named in honor of Paige exists. It has raised over $5000 in the last six years.

So what would Paige think of this tremendous event?

“She was so bold and full of energy…she would love it. But she would be the one on the stage”

Tickets are on sale now for Paige’s Passion Music Fest, happening on May 26th at Mavrick’s.

And listen to more from Kat Chabot about the event and her own music right here!