Laughy Taffy Tuesday at the Foxx Lounge is your weekly source for stand up hilarity in Barrie.

And we’re excited to do a deep dive on some of the comics coming your way every month! Our resident comedian blogger champion Fiona chats with the headliners and featured comedians taking over the stage at the Lounge.

Getting behind the mic June 25th; Headliner Tamara Shevon, from Toronto. The openers are Greg Lee, Laura Bainborough and Merge Smith. Featured comedians are Collin Brown and Hannah Lawrence, and the host will be Allie Pearse.


Tamara chose comedy as career path because she was living in China and became a regular at Comedy Club China. For Tamara, it was a good way to meet people with experiences similar to hers.

She did her first stand up show on her 25 th Birthday. It went so well she got future bookings and within a year she was headlining her first 30-minute set! Tamara moved back to Toronto and continued her comedy here, where she juggled a sales job and her comedy career. Eventually she quit her sales job and focused on her comedy. From there Tamara vowed to break the stigma of either being a great producer or a great comic… she wanted both.  always loved Comedy, and people always told me that I should be a comedian. But that’s something people always say just because that’s the only profession people associate with being funny. I never thought I’d be actually standing on a stage 5-7 times a week sharing all of my personal experiences, it’s surreal!”

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One of our featured comedians, Colin Brown, grew up watching Just For Laughs with his dad. His dad was a very stoic man and didn’t talk much. But it was one of the few things they always shared a bond over, and let loose with. It wasn’t always something Colin thought he wanted, or could do.

“I never saw myself as a “funny” guy. I’ve always had hard labour jobs and things that don’t exactly fit in the comedy world. But through telling friends and family stories, or at parties, not on purpose, I would wind up being the centre of the room going on about some story. People would always say I should be a comedian.”

Colin starting writing comedy at 20 years old, about the time his son was born. Colin’s mom got him into a comedy workshop with Steve Kaplan. The things Kaplan said changed the way Colin wrote comedy forever! And the main thing he took from the workshop and has stayed true to this day is “always write honestly.”


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And finally our host, Allie Pearse! For Allie she has always been in the performing arts but found that nothing really clicked. She was always interested in comedy but never pursued it. Allie took a class in Second City and really enjoyed it but put the comedy career on hold for about three years; until one day was like “oh yeah, I like that, and I started performing in open mics” and the rest was history.

The feedback I received about these comedians is overwhelmingly positive, and it should be a terrific show. Hope to see all of you there on June 25, 2019 at The Foxx Lounge!

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