Rainy Saturdays got you down? We’ve got you covered!


What to do on a rainy Saturday in Barrie? Barrie Uncovered has got you covered! No, but really, we found some places you can check out on a rainy Saturday, with roofs to keep you dry!


A Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie


400 Market


Much to our own belief, the 400 Market is just a five minute drive away, it is covered and has a hard floor. Perfect for staying dry but also looking awesome. When it’s Saturday, people tend to like to wear clothes they can’t wear to work so we get it if you don’t necessarily want to walk around in rain boots and a raincoat all day. You want to go out and show off your weekend clothes! Perhaps you need some new clothes? Then the 400 Market is the place you want to be. 


What Else?


Perhaps you need some new decorations or plants for the house? 400 market has you covered. Not to mention you can even enjoy an alcoholic beverage while in the building but if you’re not into alcoholic beverages, you can have water, pop, smoothies, Etc. That’s why the 400 Market is a great place to check out when it’s raining.


What about Food?


Bonus, they have such a huge variety of food! We uncovered some of their pierorgies and they were absolutely delicious! They have different options such as plain potato and cheese, or pork, so of course we tried both! I have to say, as a hard core plain Jane pierogi fan, the pork ones were just as delicious!


Next Stop!  


On to our next stop… Redline Brewery! It is Saturday after all. I understand it’s patio season, but we’re uncovering things to do while it’s raining! Don’t let the word Brewery scare you if you don’t drink brew, their wine is absolutely fabulous as well! If you got rained on from your journey from the car into Redline and are a little cold…. no worries! Redline has got you covered, no but really again, cover yourself up after purchasing one of their many style sweaters or shirts! 


On to the food, man oh man the food! Such great comfort food for a rainy day. Burgers, beef dip, fajitas and fish tacos, do we need to say much more?! Plus their atmosphere and service was spot on. Come to Redline!



Saturday’s Not Over Yet!


So you’re Saturday and evening are over, but what about if your still interested in doing something on a rainy Saturday night?! Well, we would recommend checking out one the many awesome pubs in our lovely downtown Barrie such as The Foxx! They are always packed with live music on the weekends. 


What did you think of our Guide To Rainy Saturday Fun in Barrie? Let us know about your fav cold weather hangout in the comments!