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Comic Relief: Daniel Shaw’s Covid Covers



Daniel Shaw’s a regular on the local comedy circuit; having performed at plenty of venues in Barrie and the surrounding areas.

But he’s a comic in more than one way; a stand up who entertains behind the microphone and a talented artist who creates illustrations for the funny papers.

And he’s been producing hilarious parody covers about the Corona virus ever since things went into overdrive. We chatted with Daniel over email about his cover jobs.



How long have you been drawing?

Drawing and art in general has been an interest of mine ever since I was a little kid. I was always that kid who’s binder was covered in doodles with no actual homework inside.

What were some of your early comic influences?

X-men & Wolverine were my favourites. There was a strange little knick knack store in Elmvale, Ont. (That’s where I grew up.) that sold used comics for a quarter. I spent a lot of time and a lot of quarters there. 


You work in video production, right? Is comic drawing something you ever wanted to pursue as a career? (Or still want to?)

Yep, I am the Creative Director of a company called Switch Video. We make animated short videos to help companies explain their products or services. So I do get to work out that creative muscle everyday.

As far as comic drawing goes, I don’t have the same skill that true comic book artists have. It’s very specialized. So I think I will just stick to parody covers for now. 


You’re a stand up comedian too, how long have you been doing that?

5 years. Which sounds like a lot, but in terms of standup that’s still “just a baby.”


And how much do comics influence your act? (and vice versa)

I kind of lost touch with drawn comics until recently, so I wouldn’t say that my comedy has been influenced by them, but for sure the other way around.

I started drawing these because there are no comedy shows happening for obvious reasons, yet I still wanted to try and make people laugh. 


This is the kind of thing that really helps by providing a distraction during this crazy time, would you consider doing a full on comic book story about this?

I would, right now it’s hard to find the time because I am still working full time from home. For now I will just keep it to the cover.

I enjoy the cover’s because it lets me shine a little spotlight on the small or big things that people are/can be doing to help out in this tough time. 

You can find more of Daniel’s comics on his instagram: @isolatedcomic or under his Facebook profile, Daniel Shaw, as they are all posted publicly.

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