In what aspires to be a fixture of Barrie’s growing music scene, Breaking Sound debuted last Saturday at Mavrick’s music hall.

The new Indie concert series has two aims. Promoting the city’s impressive roster of local talent, and providing a showcase to expose that talent to regional and national audiences.

The brainchild of Chris Harrington of sTs Promotions (hear our interview with him below) and brought to the spotlight via partnerships with Impact Live, We Love Sound Promotions, Rock 95 and Mavrick’s Music Hall, Breaking Sound hit the ground running with a loud and lit premiere.

The five band lineup ranged in age and styles, but were all primed to deliver a solid gig.


Opening the night were the “rookies” of the ticket…although they certainly didn’t exhibit any freshmen nerves. The Saydes hit the stage with a presence and poise, stoking the tempo and bombarding the crowd with raw energy and enthusiasm.





Following up was a solid set from Red Light Disco, who’s steady, rhythmic performance kept the audience jacked and the building jamming.



By the time the Mystics took the mic, the crowd was cranked and ready to level up. It didn’t take long for the mosh pit to arrive. And for a stage crasher to try and join in. (She did get a quick dance in before being escorted off)

Their set of harmonic, funk inspired tunes amped things up and showed off a broad repertoire of talent.



Maybe the most diverse of the night’s bands, Crast brought a grunge-esque/alternative vibe to the stage. These dudes came across as a true ensemble, with bassist Derek/Ricky Sweetnees and drummer Zach swapping off for lead vocal duties. It’s hard to say who their “front man” was…and for our money that’s a compliment.



And just like that…the night was coming to a close. And Bigfoot’s Hand grabbed the mic.

The five piece band are hard to pin down. They brought a definite classic rock vibe, yet the exciting hard riffs peppered through their stuff would be right at home on any alt rock playlist.

Highlighted by their new single, Sound of The Ground, the band played a tight set with personality, engagement and energy.

Anyone attending probably left wanting more…from all of these guys.



Breaking Sound is here to stay. In addition to a few exciting announcements (listen to our interview with Chris for more on that) we got the news that another edition is coming in October.

On Oct 12th, the second in this concert series will take over Mavricks.

Of course, it’s another Barrie centric lineup. The Noolands, DROP TOP ALIBI, High Road Pilots, Halfway Through Hell and New City Revival.

You can score early bird tickets and learn more right here!