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    charting your career

    Career coaching is more than just taking a personality test and picking a career from that.  Charting your career with a career coach that resonates with you should guide you through where you want to be and how to achieve that.  They will help to unleash your true, natural potential and teach you to grow and thrive within your decisions.

    A Career Coach can Help

    charting your career

    By alleviating self-doubt, anxiety or lack of confidence, a career counselor can help to chart a course of action by creating realistic goals.

    As humans, there are very few of us that don’t question what we want to do and/or be during many stages of our lives.  This begins as early on as after high school right through to retirement.  Each time we think about this is a perfect time for re-assessment.  What is it that you feel is missing?  Take the time to explore the options.

    Finding Answers

    charting your career

    For some, the answer is about finding meaning in their current careers.  Maybe that means a career change – finding employment with a company that aligns more closely with your personal values.  Maybe a change within the company you’re currently at would be more fulfilling.

    Whatever questions have surfaces, it can be daunting to think about how to make the necessary changes.  Maybe plans need to include training or extra finances to complete courses.  Very often you may just require someone to help you steer your course.

    Charting your Course

    charting your career

    During a counseling session you might want to focus on more practical skills such as resume writing, cover letters or networking.  A good counselor may also guide you to research what your transferrable skills and abilities are as well as creating realistic timeframes and honing interview skills.

    Others may look to a counseling session to explore deeper aspirations.  Maybe it’s identifying values, interests and goals, while considering broad possibilities.  Many clients want assistance in setting an intentional direction while resolving barriers to emotional blocks.  Some need help in building motivation or taking responsibility for their choices.  Most clients want or need to do some of both.

    An Easy Exercise

    charting your career

    Here’s a simple exercise that may offer you some clarity.

    Close your eyes and imagine an ideal day at work.  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  Can you feel how you are different?

    Ask these next questions.  What hours are you working?  What’s your income?  What does your home life look like?  Where are you living?

    Now, sit back to consider the differences between your ideal day and your current day for a moment.  This is often where it’s possible to visualize the steps necessary in charting a new career course.

    Discuss your Findings

    charting your career

    This is a perfect time to discuss your findings with a Career Success Coach like Jacquie Ottema of 5 Point Perspectives.

    Jacquie and 5 Point Perspectives

    charting your career

    Jacquie partners with her clients to inspire self-awareness; discover their unique purpose and empower them to make informed and confident decisions.  Helping them to get unstuck, gain clarity, confidence and change, she’s there for step by step support.

     She wants people to burst at the seams with energy and excitement about their career and leadership roles.  If today is the day you want to take back control, reach out to Jacquie at 5 Point Perspectives.

    charting your career

    If this article has been of interest to you, follow this link for another interesting read on 5 Point Perspectives.

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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