Are You Working Too Hard?

    Are you working too hard?  As a professional Career and Leadership Coach, Jacquie Ottema has seen a lot of things change over the course of COVID.

    Introducing Jacquie

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    In learning a bit of Jacquie’s past, we can totally understand just why she’s so passionate assisting people with their careers.

    After years of working in the financial industry Jacquie’s position changed due to restructuring.  Not being satisfied with how things stood she went to a career coach.

    Through the process, it was realized that coaching was something Jacquie herself did very well.  With her desire to contribute to the community while doing something that she could be passionate about, Jacquie opened 5 Point Perspectives.

    It Can Be Lonely at the Top

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    In this past year, Jacquie has found that many of her clients are finding it “lonely at the leadership level.”  Changes in employment structures – working remotely – has seen an increase in marriage dissolution, mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse and much longer work days.

    There has been a need for healing and mindset changing through this past year.  With the stress of having staff working remotely, there is a need for a new format of Leadership coaching.

    Working one on one with her clients Jacquie is able to provide confidential, unbiased, guidance and direction.  Coming to her, clients are often feeling frustrated and unclear about what they want to achieve.  There are feelings of workplace trauma and burnout. She helps to pinpoint what might not be working, and then is able to take them through the steps to success.

    Take Simple Steps

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    It might be as simple as setting leadership goals,  working on your resume or sharpening your interview skills; certainly it’s helping you to focus on your desires and having an accountability partner.

    Very often, she finds that people don’t necessarily want to leave the company they work for, but that they’re feeling stagnant in their current position. Being able to help them move forward with career planning and career succession within the company is a very rewarding time or it could mean it’s time to move on.

    Continuing Education

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    Jacquie often reminds people that continued education is a very good starting point.  She is certainly connected to what’s available for upgrading your skills and what level these skills could take you to.

    Many clients find inspiration in Jacquie’s story and feel that she inspires them throughout the process. By empowering each client, Jacquie helps them find clarity and regain confidence in order to better make decisions regarding their careers.

    As Jacquie says, ‘It’s a game changer to be in the right career.’

    Start with a Clarity Call

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    Whether you’re still a student, employee, accomplished leader or needing to explore the best career fit for you. Talking to a career coach can and will clarify your true and natural potential.

    Start with a  30 minute complimentary clarity call to find  out the top 3 things holding you back. There are common problems that everyone faces at one time or another within their careers.  Don’t let them get the better of you – Understand the value of coaching and call 5 Point Perspective today

    Making this confidential call is a great first step.

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    “Sail through your career and lead in a way you love.  Thrive!  Not just survive!  With Purpose, Meaning and Passion!”

    -Jacquie Ottema

    Are You Working Too Hard?

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits:  Veronika Kovecses

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