Are you attracted to crystals?

    Are you attracted to crystals?  If yes, you’re certainly not alone.  Since ancient times humans have felt and used the energy of crystals.

    The Powers of Crystals

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    The Ancients didn’t have the scientific info that we have today concerning the powers of crystals; still, people from every culture have been drawn to them, feeling their power.

    Today students are taught and understand that everything around us is a form of energy that has its own frequency and vibration.  Even Nikola Tesla understood and declared the concept as the Key to Understanding the Universe.  Due to Tesla’s studies, healing crystals and stones are still used today to align, heal and alter the vibration of our cells and chakras.

    Back to the Beginning...

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Ancient cultures used crystals, minerals and gems to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  How is it that they seemed to understand their properties?  I suppose there’s just no way of knowing.

    The Egyptians

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    In Ancient Egyptian tombs many discoveries of crystal use has been uncovered.  The placement of quartz on the forehead at burial was thought to guide the departed safely into the afterlife.  Quartz was also used by Pharaohs’ to balance the Ba and Ka energies of their bodies.

    Cleopatra, as one, wore crushed Lapis Lazuli on her eyelids to promote enlightenment and awareness.  Maybe this was the forerunner of mineral based eye shadow.  Rubies were the traditional navel decoration, thought to foster sensuality and sex appeal.

    The Romans

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Crystal crowns then and now adorn the heads of state and royalty to stimulate enlightenment.  Many have watched movies where amulets of talisman are searched for in dramatic efforts to obtain their power.  These aren’t just notions – early Roman cultures took them very seriously.

    The Asians

    In ancient Asian cultures, medicine often and still does incorporate the use of healing , crystals; even going so far as to crystal tip their acupuncture needles.

    The Greeks

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Moving along to the Ancient Greeks – they used crushed crystals in a very unusual manner.  The crystal – usually Hematite was often rubbed on soldiers going into battle.  The soldiers thought this dusting of (hopefully VERY finely crushed) crystal made them invincible.  (Imagine the chafing)  The Greeks even thought that clear quartz crystals were eternal ice sent from the Heavens.

    In India

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Aryuvedic medicine in India has always taught that crystals are extremely valuable for healing emotional and metaphysical imbalances with each type of crystal used in specific treatments.

    Use Crystals to Create a Powerful Crystal Grid

    Use Crystals to Create a Powerful Crystal Grid

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Crystal Grids are a very beautiful and powerful way to manifest your goals, intentions and dreams.  Many people choose their crystals on their known properties; aligning that with what they desire to manifest.

    Others seem drawn intuitively to particular stones and geometric designs.  Just do what feels most comfortable and natural to you.  The crystals work with your own special strengths and powers, as well as sharing their metaphysical properties with you.

    Clarity of Connection with Clair Marsland

    Are you attracted to crystals?
    Are you attracted to crystals?
    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Creating Crystal Grids with in a group setting is thought to make them even more powerful.  If you’ve been thinking of creating your own Crystal Grid, ask a friend and then discuss your needs with Clair Marsland of Clarity of Connection.  Clair is your “go to” resource for all things crystal, metaphysical energies and vision work!

    There is simply no one better to guide you through your journey while creating your very own powerful Crystal Grid.  And….remember that sharing that unique time with a friend while they create their own, only adds even more energy.

    Make the Call and Create!

    Are you attracted to crystals?

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Veronika Kovecses

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