mix old with new

    We don’t feel that there are any hard and fast rules for decorating your home. With a space that reflects you and your family as an end goal, you will find ways to make nearly anything work if it makes your heart sing. You want a couple of pairs of Western-style boots to make a statement? Do it. Or use them as part of a vignette displayed in an open closet? Why not? Many belongings can be re-purposed to create something new, fun and funky.
    So when we say we have one piece of advice that you shouldn’t overlook, you know we mean it. Here’s it is: mix old and new in your home. Please do it. Sure, people balance this mix in different ways–some lean to the vintage side and others to the new, but it’s the mix that’s important. The mix, we say!


    mix old with new

    If you don’t mix old and new, your home can look one dimensional. On one extreme, only having new in your home can make it appear soulless, flat and unimaginative. No one wants their home to feel like a sterile showroom or catalogue. By mixing in vintage, you inject personality and character. The new pieces will add a shine and crispness to the vintage pieces, and the memories that many evoke will give your home soul.
    On the other extreme having only vintage in your home can leave it looking old. Old in a not-so-good way. An outdated, hodgepodged, ‘cottage-y’ way. Without the contrast of new pieces, the soul and beauty of your vintage pieces can’t reach their full potential. It takes the fresh look and feel of the new to truly highlight the vintage by adding another dimension to your space.



    mix old with new

    Moving your décor more to a Bohemian style is fun and exciting. Take time to look at family treasures, furniture and art to consider incorporating pieces into your décor. On the other hand, take an afternoon and shop through vintage, 2nd hand and ‘recycle’ shops. There are unique treasures to be found. You’ll find actual vintage or recreated objects favouring the vintage side in many of today’s photos. As for the new pieces adding a crisp, clean feel to the scene, those pieces show your tastes in modern flair.
    Notice in the pics that the kitchen is ultra-modern with a super-sleek, built-in coffee station, Beautiful over-size double basin sink with a multi-purpose single-handle faucet. Eventually, the homeowner will add decor to bring an added bohemian flair to the room.
    In other rooms, there are a variety of treasures to be found. Check out the bedroom photo with the vintage turntable atop the dresser or the ‘steam-punk pipework and antique toy aircraft on the shelving in the living room.

    RUSTIC MODERN - 50% OLD, 50% NEW

    mix old with new

    We’ve got a pretty even split between new and old here. The vintage hook fastened to the wall and well-worn cowboy boots at the bottom add the old when matched with the beautiful contemporary cabinetry with soft-slide drawers and a bench. There is a strong feeling of masculinity in the area, which is precisely what the homeowner intended.
    Another great piece that’s this homeowner is using is the rustic and rollable coffee table. The wheels alone attract a lot of interest.
    Ahhh… don’t you love how it all melds together into a warm, inviting space?


    mix old with new
    mix old with new

     Even though the kitchen is ultra-sleek and modern, it feels very grounding with the natural colours of the reclaimed wood in the closet space and the table.  The vintage hooks add the charm of yesteryear. This room works so well because 1.) The table and reclaimed wood are powerful elements with  natural colours in an otherwise neutral area. 2.)Being the kitchen, ultra-modern stand alone well.
    In other rooms, there are a variety of treasures to be found. Check out the bedroom photo with the vintage turntable atop the dresser or the ‘steam-punk pipework and antique toy aircraft on the shelving in the living room.


    mix old with new

    Let’s take a closer look. Throughout this home, many small vignettes offer a whimsical note in each room. The decorating gives a strong sense of comfort and a lived-in feel while enjoying the owner’s sense of humour.


    mix old with new

    So now you see it’s like we say. It helps when you mix old and new in your home because a home needs old plus new to be complete. One without the other wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful. What mix of old and new do you have or strive for in your home?

    If you’re going through a transitional phase, that’s the perfect time to discuss projects with a quality renovater.  Michael Brocklebank of TROC Barrie, is just that.  Fully trained in Interior Design, Michael brings both architecture and design to the table.

    mix old with new

    For more interesting reading on both Michael his love of design, click here.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.  Tell us about your craziest or coolest design elements in the comments,  or send a pic.

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