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    does your porch need a new roof

    Whether a covered patio by the pool to help prevent sunburn, or a wrap around covered deck on the house, Canadians love their outdoor space during our good weather months.  Many of these areas are covered by a roof to help shield us from the unrelenting rays of the sun.

    And many times we need to ask..Does your porch need a new roof?

    The Joy of a Covered Porch

    does your porch need a new roof

    There’s simply nothing like a covered porch to sit and read during a lazy afternoon.  But, how often do you think about that roof over your head while you’re outdoors?  Does your porch need a new roof?

    Does your Porch Need a New Roof?

    does your porch need a new roof

    Chances are, not too often – unless it starts to leak.  A porch roof is not nearly as durable as the roof on your home, and you should make sure that it’s always in good repair for safety’s sake.  The good news is, unlike your main roof, you can see the underside of your porch roof.  This means that you can keep a close eye on any damage occurring.

    Insect Damage

    does your porch need a new roof

    Insect damage can be slow to spot, but important to keep an eye on.  If any insect damage is noticed, call an exterminator at the earliest sign.  Once the pests have been taken care of, have a roofing professional check the extent of the damage and any need to repair.

    Leaky Roof

    does your porch need a new roof

    No one wants to sit under a leaky roof, but putting off repairs can lead to dire repercussions.  A leaky porch roof can lead to rot and possible cave-ins.  Water also looks for the path of least resistance causing damage as it goes.  Your leaky porch roof should be inspected, repaired or replaced at the earliest signs of damage.

    Built to Code?

    does your porch need a new roof

    It’s always a good thing to check if your covered porch was built with permits and kept to code.  If you’ve recently purchased your home, you should likely do some homework on work permits.  You may want to retrofit your porch roof to bring it up to municipal standards.


    does your porch need a new roof

    Few people think that a sagging roof adds any charm to a home.  In fact, a sagging roof looks unkempt and gives the appearance of your whole home appearing unsafe.  Its weight may also be pulling on your home’s exterior structure which could lead to serious damage. 

    Call the Professionals

    does your porch need a new roof

    Even though your porch roof is not likely to cause extensive damage to your home, there are many reasons to call roofing professionals to perform any necessary repairs.

    JN Roofing to the Rescue

    does your porch need a new roof

    Whether for safety, legal issues or simply curb appeal – fixing your porch roof should not be delayed.  Call JN Roofing for an inspection and estimate.  They can help keep your home safe, sound and beautiful.

    For more information on keeping your roof at its best, follow this link.

    does your porch need a new roof

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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