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    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    There are 5 reasons to choose a local roofer…In the case of sudden high winds or extreme weather, roofing companies seem to come out of the woodwork.  We’ve seen this phenomenon this past month in Barrie.  

    Local Companies rather than Storm Chasers

    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    When hiring a roofing company, you want to know that they will be around if something goes wrong later with either the work or the materials they’ve used.  For that reason you should really consider the reputable local companies.  By using these companies you avoid the ‘storm chasers’ who come in quickly looking for high paying insurance claims.

    Make sure to do a Google search of reviews or complaints.  Homeowners who aren’t happy with a service they’ve received are fantastic for posting any negative experiences online.  Taking these few minutes you can quickly determine whether the information a company gives you with a quote are actually the service that they will provide.

    Check for a Professional Website

    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    Make sure that the roofing company you choose has a professional website.  It’s an industry standard that reputable companies have websites to let clients know who they are, where they are and what services they provide.

    Trust is a huge factor when hiring someone for a job this large.  A roofing contractor is given the job of protecting one of your largest assets – your home.

    Be cautious of the free “Google Site” pages.  This can be a new company, but more often are found to be fraudulent.  As soon as down payments are collected the sites are pulled down and the contractors disappear. This is one of the most important reasons to choose a local roofer.  Again, Google will recognize a legitimate roofing company and display other links to them.

    Among the 5 Reason to Choose a Local Roofer - Check Out Reviews

    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    If there is an online presence, again check out the reviews.  Checking online reviews is the best way to learn about any contractor you have in mind.  When spending the amount of money you need to when roofing – why choose a contractor that has any negative reviews.

    Insist on Proof of Insurance

    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    Make sure any roofing company that you’re considering has both general liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation.  Ask for proof of each.  If they fail to provide that to you, you shouldn’t be doing business with them.  Workers Compensation covers the employees working on your property; general liability covers your actual property.  Both certifications will certainly be provided to you by a reputable company.

    There are many more reasons to use a local and reputable company; however by taking these initial steps you’ll be protecting your investment with open eyes.

    This Local Roofing Company Checks ALL the Boxes

    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    One local roofing company stands out in the Barrie Area.  Homestars.com has given JN Roofing a 96% star score, and the Better Business Bureau gives them an A+.  Their average Google Review Customer Rating is an astounding 9.9/10.  Their reviews on their website are just as impressive.

    With over 27 years of service in our area, they’ve built a quality team that is simply the best in the business in the Barrie area.

    So choose local, choose reliable, and call JN Roofing as your roofing contractor when in need.

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    5 Reasons to Choose a Local Roofer

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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