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    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    Residents of our City have once again come forward hearts first.

    Outpouring of Love

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    It’s not yet been a week since a tornado touched down in South East Barrie, yet the outpouring of love has been simply overwhelming.  Everything has been offered from spare space in people’s homes to young children offering up their toys.

    Although everyone knows what a caring community we have; we’ve read repeatedly throughout social media how overwhelming this outpouring has been.

    What Happened

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    As we know, last Thursday at 2:30 pm one of five Ontario tornados struck Barrie with a wind speed of about 210 km/hr. Leaving a 12 km path of destruction, the damage is very severe. As a result of this our City sprang into immediate action.  Construction workers that were busy in the area along with impacted residents led the way with First Responders from Barrie and neighbouring areas arriving almost immediately to assist.

    Social Media

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    Instantaneously our local social media was hard at work.  Barrie Families Unite, the newly created Barrie Tornado Volunteer Group, spearheaded by Nick Speisman, our Mayors office and local media stations kept us informed how every moment was progressing.

    Command Centre

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    Having St. Gabriel’s School as a command centre the donations simply poured in, in amounts that have been both amazing and heartwarming.  Knowing that everyone was safe and injuries limited we’d like to thank our First Responders for their incredible work.

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    Red Cross Disaster and Relief along with the Salvation Army helped immediately directing affected residents and securing the area with local Police and O.P.P.

    Moving Along

    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    As we’ve moved forward throughout the week various church groups, social organizations, small business owners, franchise owners and residents have poured heart and soul into clean up and repair with astounding results.

    Living Arrangements

    Barrie Strong Hearts First
    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    Now the crunch has come as living arrangements must be secured for those affected.  They’ve been asked to find living solutions for approximately six months.  Even this is being made somewhat easier by many realtors, condominium corporations, property managers and private citizens working together to offer space they may have available.

    Giving Thanks

    Barrie Strong Hearts First
    Barrie Strong Hearts First
    Barrie Strong Hearts First

    There are simply too many people and groups to thank individually, yet thanks must be given.

    Once again our City has shown its heart, and its soul, making us…

    Barrie Strong

    Written By:  Jane Laker

    Photo Credit:  Stephen Elliott

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